Slow Spring Activation: Equinox & Lunar Eclipse


Spring heats up! The Sun enters Aries, and the Zodiac wheel of the year starts again…

The Equinox is March 20 @ 12:30:11 AM EDT

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse is March 23 @ 8:00 AM EDT




Equinox Sun at 0 Aries 00, ruler is Mars, Sun in an applying trine to Mars @ 4 Sagittarius
LUNAR Eclipse Moon @ 3 Libra 17, Sun @ 3 Aries 17

Spring Equinox and Mars

To see what kind of Spring we can expect, we look at the Sun. The Sun in Aries will conjunct Mercury (March 23) and trine Mars in Sagittarius (March 26). That’s dynamic energy! As your confidence level soars, you can reach a new height of leadership, activating and energizing your career, romance, and fitness – unless your ego puts too much importance on your advances and leads you into fantasy or overwhelm.

The Sun is conjunct Mercury (exact with the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on March 23), marking the middle of the current Mercury Direct station -and a time of information overload. (Modern astrologers say this is a time of brilliant flashes, classical astrology reminds us of via combust, the principle that when any planet is very close to the Sun, it literally combusts. Mercury with the Sun it creates mental confusion.) Is there enough information yet? Or are you stunned by it all? This phase of Mercury Direct is when you can EVALUATE the information you have. We may prefer the information we’d like to be true rather than look at what is actually true, so there’s no guarantee we will be informed.

Astrology apps will tell you that Mars, ruler of the Aries Sun, is about to make some tough aspects to Saturn and Neptune. Or so it seems. There’s a problem with apps. True, Mars will conjunct Saturn and square Neptune – in the late Summer and Fall. Meanwhile, we’re entering Spring – so looking at what’s happening now can be more helpful than overloading on possible future outcomes. We already have too much on our plate and pressure to hurry. Mars is already making its Retrograde station (starts April 17), delaying these aspects and negating their influence this Spring. More important is Mars Retrograde, something most apps aren’t programmed to notice.

(Mars will Retrograde April 17 – June 29, going from 8 Sagittarius 54 back to 23 Scorpio 03 on June 29)

Mars heats & energizes what it touches. We may feel that we have to hurry, make decisions, take more risks – NOW!!! When Retrograde (or stationing Retrograde), Mars puts the breaks on whatever it starts. This can be an aspect of self-sabotage, where the negative ego overturns your plans, pushing you backwards instead of forwards. If you keep putting all your problems on your ego to solve, your ego will sabotage you every chance it gets. It has to. The ego can only reflect your self-image back to you. Change your self-image, and your ego will change too. Easier said than done, as this involves going deep into your subconscious to uncover old patterns of automatic reactions. Just bloating your ego with more false positives about how great you are will only make it the cover ups more confusing. This is the time to release your negative beliefs about yourself and realign your energy so you can go at your pace and be productive, and confident. Take your time. Mars won’t station Direct until the end of June, giving you plenty of time to get things right before jumping in. This will also help you be ready for the (cautious and confusing) aspects Mars will make to Saturn and Neptune later this year.

Mars is also at a high declination,20 S 11 at the Lunar Eclipse, rising to 21 S 11 when Mars stations Rx in April. High Mars declinations also show a spike in violent actions (note Brussels on March 22, 2016). Although Mars will get to just over 21 S declination, it will NOT go out-of-bounds, which functions like a wild card. This doesn’t means things will be calm, but will hopefully not get completely out of control.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Lunar Eclipses bring our inner feelings into the light, especially the ones hiding in your subconscious. This can be seen as a big problem, or as an opportunity to look at and clear away nagging thoughts and feelings that have been just out of sight and causing trouble. Pinpointing the person or situation to blame will only intensify the situation. Lunar Eclipses are awareness opportunities.

At the Lunar Eclipse, experiences can either be life-changing or create more conflict. If you continuously find conflict, Eclipses can be a glimpse into whatever (subconscious) issues are keeping you in a conflict loop and holding up your progress.


The Lunar Eclipse in Venus-ruled Libra can ease stress, seek balance, create peace. Despite the Sun in Aries, the influence of Libra can ease tension and discord. Venus is in Pisces – where she is exalted – helping us tune into our oneness, and opening the pathway to compromises that soften the controversies and clashes that the Aries Sun can intensify. Venus in Pisces can also deceive us – if we too easily believe what we want to be true.

The Aries Sun does what IT wills. Compromise? Not likely. The Moon in Libra wants balance, fair play, compromises that work for both sides and preserve relationships (Libra). Yet, the Libra Moon is opposed by the Sun-Mercury (conjunct in early Aries) in Mars-ruled Aries (Mars is sextile the Moon and trine Sun-Mercury). We have things to say and we are ready to talk, a lot. HOT winds blow.

Traditional astrologers see all Eclipses destructive, or at the least, critical. Since the Sun enters Aries only 3 days ahead of the Eclipse, Aries’ influence is intensified. The trine of the Sun to Mars and sextile the Moon in Libra shows easy ACTION & expression of emotions. Mars energizes everything it touches, which can symbolize passion, anger, aggression, fighting, protests, heat, fires, violence. Mars will station Retrograde April 17 (the brakes are already on), which can make potentially dangerous situations more hostile.

The Moon always represents The People. We, the masses want peace & balance. This chart shows power struggles. The Lunar Nodes are what makes an Eclipse an Eclipse, and here we have Pluto trine the North Node (and sextile the South Node). This intensifies government intrigue, power plays especially in government and corporate business, attempts to control technology, especially social networks (Moon in Libra).

Special for NYC both the Equinox and Eclipse chart have direct hits in NYC:

The Equinox places Mars exactly on the Ascendant – there is an open doorway to increased energy and competition

The Lunar Eclipse places Pluto exactly on the Midheaven – this is a SUPER INTENSE Lunar Eclipse.
Yet, the Moon in Libra keeps it all friendly

North Node conjuncts the MC; 29Aries Ascends – we may feel like we are not getting enough of what we desire. You may have a strong inner feeling that your desires will be fulfilled, yet still feel unfulfilled. Ruler Mars is slowing down. Since reality is our friend and always wants to give us a positive message, it could be time for each of us to take a breath before instantly reacting with increased competitive spirit. If we don’t chose to be more mindful of our actions consciously, slowing down could be forced on us as energizer Mars slows down and turns around, taking us back to Earth.

High energy meets INTENSITY. Yet, this can have a very positive outcome. This is a North Node Lunar Eclipse (it’s the North Node that is in a wide conjunction to the Moon, which is why this is a Penumbral – less visible – Eclipse) – we are moving TOWARDS our goals and visions. And Pluto-in-Capricorn is trine the North Node-in-Pisces – we can manifest them in the real world. Truth speaks directly and easily to big power. And so, on this Eclipse day, which is also the holiday of Purim, we await a miracle.

Mars almost squares Saturn, except that Mars and Saturn are stationing and will change direction and move (seemingly) backwards for awhile. This will delay the Mars-Saturn square. Yet right now, as Saturn stations Retrograde, it squares Jupiter – highlighting a challenging time for governing and leadership. We are at a point of major social change as we move from Earth element Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions (in effect the past 240 years) to Air element Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions (for the next 240 years). We are leaving our focus on money and earth-generated resources and moving towards social and technologically based resources, leadership, and government. You can read more about this important social transit on my post March Astrology 2016: think again

Chart for Spring Equinox (in NYC):

Chart for the Lunar Eclipse (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

Are you curious? Do you wonder who you are, why you’re here? Not just your statistics, but who you are and how you feel inside? If you are on the path to gaining more self-awareness, an astrology with me can help you become more aware of YOU, to simply understand who you are. And then, how to engage YOU, as you are, with the world. Take a conscious step to support and BE your most RADIANT you.
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