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Timeline Forecast
The only forecast with personalized ECLIPSE information! The TimeLine discusses all your transits in one report-- including transiting planets, progressions, and solar arc directions. More...
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)) Lunar Eclipse))

Eclipses have long been reputed to be evil omens; they get their rep because they are augurs of change. During a Total Lunar Eclipse the light of the Full Moon is temporarily hidden to our view, blocking our self-awareness, crashing our emotional-defense systems, and oversensitizing our emotional reactions. During a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is only partly hidden.

Faced with a sea of exposed irrationality, bouts of emotional insecurity are possible, especially in regards to where the Eclipse occurs in your natal chart. The Solar Eclipse location points to what you're aware of, the Lunar Eclipse location shows where there will be the most obvious changes in the daily routine. The effects of a Lunar Eclipse usually last for about 6 months, or until the next Lunar Eclipse.

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