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Mars Retrograde
Mars has one purpose -- ACTION!! Mars, the energy that helps you go for it and express your desires, doesn't like to be stopped and turned inward; this concept makes no sense to Mars (are you seething with anger yet??). When Mars stations and travels Retrograde, its excited, active energy becomes covert and calculated; its motives are hidden. Careful -- inwardly turned outward-bound energy can become toxic! Positively, Mars Retrograde can give you a chance to think before acting; to assess your motives and aggressions before reacting; to find your inner demons and send them packing before they continue to interfere with your life. Indecision and delays can be a clue that you need to make better plans -- back to the drawing board!! with renewed patience...

Next Mars Retrograde:
Mars will Retrograde in Gemini (@ 25 Gemini 36) on October 30, 2022. Mars will be Retrograde in Gemini from October 30, 2022 - January 12, 2023 and station DIRECT on January 12, 2023 @ 08 Gemini 07.

The section of your chart where Mars is Retrograde is likely the place where you experience the most inertia BEFORE the Retrograde station and the most backward movement or even loss of recent gains DURING the Retrograde of Mars.

Despite something that seemed promising before a Mars Retrograde, progress can start to seem like an unrealistic dream as you feel a loss of enthusiasm and energy for whatever seemed to be so exciting while Mars was traveling direct. However, in the FIRE sign of Leo, there may be needs for personal attention you overlooked and increased drama can bring up more possibilities for fame or self-sabotage.

Since everything seems to be moving in slow motion during Mars Retrograde, tension can turn inward and frustration can manifest as inflammations, fevers, rashes, cuts&bruises, accidents, or muscle strains. And if you are overly self-centered, the tension can manifest in general irritability and an increase in dramatic scenes. This may not be the best time to start a new creative project, and if you do, you may abandon it or just lose energy for it when Mars stations Direct. It IS a great time to complete long-term projects and learn to take rest breaks before YOU break!

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