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Jupiter in Gemini
(June 2012 - June 2013)

Open your mind. Since Jupiter expands everything it touches, Jupiter in mental Gemini gives us opportunities to learn more, teach more, read more, think bigger, and stay connected to and through friends, relatives, news, media, and the neighborhood you live in. Exploring new ideas can be adventurous, and pushing the envelope is exciting; Jupiter in Gemini is NOT conventional and is NOT afraid to think outside the box. You could also be more dexterous and handy with crafts now; explore your talents and find some new ones. Variety may be the "spice of life" and collecting databanks of information can be endlessly fascinating, but getting lost in the details can become trivia if there's no focus or direction to your stories. Opportunity knocks when it comes to fulfilling your potential, so think young, get busy, read up, and enjoy your mind.

For the Astrologically Inclined: Jupiter, as ruler of Sagittarius, is in natural opposition to Mercury as ruler of Gemini. While Sagittarius and Jupiter deal with big-picture philosophical overviews, Gemini and Mercury deal with daily details, schedules, collecting facts and data, with no special purpose in mind but a curious mind and the love of learning. Sagittarius has a purpose, a grand plan, while Gemini just wants to collect and analyze the details. While Sagittarius seeks to influence, Gemini is easily swayed, and where Sagittarius is careless as it paints in broad strokes, Gemini preserves the exactness of the details. And while Sagittarius can run (thighs), Gemini can gesture and perfect the details (arms). Incorporating the polarity can be done through the breath; practicing breathing techniques, posture, and getting exercise are all valid ways to increase the breath and channel your expansive energy. Think with a purpose, expand the variety for a reason, and keep your knowledge down to earth.

Astrological Jupiter
Jupiter rules your potential for growth and expansion on many levels; physical, intellectual, spiritual, cultural, and the accumulation of material assets, power, and status. It describes your optimism and aspirations. It represents your father and his position in society. Jupiter is the astrological ruler of Sagittarius and the ancient ruler of Pisces.

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