November 2018: we voted

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It’s SAGITTARIUS!!! [🌞Sun enters ♐️Sagittarius on November 22 @ 4:01 AM EST ]

Until December 2 (when Venus enters Scorpio) – 3 planets will be in their home or rulership signs : Venus in Libra – Jupiter in Sagittarius – Saturn in Capricorn
> Time to be yourself, play your strong suit, relate with all your heart. Grow, go farther, make BIG plans, yet be 100% responsible. Own it and enjoy it all <
Only caveat – exaggerating and thereby overestimating. Could make overeating on Thanksgiving even more appetizing. Remember, there is a Black Friday after Thanksgiving….!

Thursday, November 15 – Moon and Mars enter Pisces in a First Quarter Moon
Friday, November 16 – Venus stations Direct – Mercury stations Retrograde

Mercury stations Retrograde – November 16 – December 6
Retrograde station November 16 @ 13 Sagittarius 29
Direct station @ December 6 @ 27 Scorpio 16
Mercury Retrograde shadow starts on October 28
and continues until December 26

VOTE 2018!! This mid-term election really is a major turning point. On Tuesday, November 6, Election Day, Retrograde Uranus moves BACKWARDS into Aries. We’re not done fighting.
As we start to vote (7 AM EST in Washington DC), there are 2 Planets, the Midheaven, & the Lunar Nodes in the last degree of their signs (Moon @ 29 Libra; Jupiter @ 29 Scorpio, Midheaven @ 29 Leo), North Node @ 0 Leo (moving – backwards – into Cancer), and URANUS @ 0 Taurus, moving back into Aries (also the last degree of its sign). Either we, The People, are at the end of something, or we are willing to give it one more chance. Uranus is also in mutual reception with Uranus, so anything can happen. Surprise surprise. With a mutual reception, one planet unseats another. Let’s see… when was the last time there was a mutual reception in the Election chart? hmmm… Oh yeah. When George W Bush was elected in 2000, and in 2016 when Donald Trump was elected. And today. VOTE!!!

Ready for winter?! How about next YEAR? 2019 is coming up fast!
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