Mar 26

Equinox & Aries New Moon 2017: Spring activation



It’s Spring! Renewal! Re-start! Welcome the light! Clean out the old, make room for the new season.
The dark, winter energy is over. We are ready to burst out into the light. Continue reading

Jun 19

June 20 – FULL MOON & SUMMER SOLSTICE: standstill


June 20

  • Full Moon @ 7:02 AM EDT in Gemini-Sagittarius (Sun @ 29 Gemini 32, Moon @ 29 Sag 32)
  • Summer Solstice @ 6:35 PM EDT (Sun @ 0 Cancer 00 – Declination 23 N 26 )

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Jun 04

New Moon and June: welcome to the new world (uh-oh)


Indecision. Scattered. Just too much to think about. It can start to get to you, especially when thoughts keep going round and round, with no convincing solution. In fact, your reactions and responses can intensify the challenges more than alleviate them. It could seem endless, except for one power spot that may offer a path to an empowering future. Continue reading

Apr 22

The GRAND CROSS, Easter 2014 & the Shift of the Ascension

The last post was dedicated mostly to the Grand Cross perfecting on Easter and continuing through April 23 (when Mars joins at 13 degrees Libra). This is the SHIFT of the ASCENSION. And since this is a free will planet, the Shift – or not – is your choice. Continue reading

Apr 11

Choose to Change: Total Lunar Eclipse with Cardinal Grand Cross on April 15, 2014


Here come the Eclipses – and a GRAND CROSS. First there’s a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse in Libra-Aries. Then the GRAND CROSS becomes exact (April 20/21). Next, there’s a Solar Eclipse in Taurus (April 29). The LUNAR ECLIPSE is the first of 4 consecutive TOTAL Lunar Eclipses that will occur through 2015. This is rare. And an opportunity to see into our subconscious minds. Continue reading