June 20 – FULL MOON & SUMMER SOLSTICE: standstill


June 20

  • Full Moon @ 7:02 AM EDT in Gemini-Sagittarius (Sun @ 29 Gemini 32, Moon @ 29 Sag 32)
  • Summer Solstice @ 6:35 PM EDT (Sun @ 0 Cancer 00 – Declination 23 N 26 )




At Summer Solstice – you are absolutely magnetic.

Summer Solstice comes when the Sun is at its most NORTHERN declination (position to the Earth), which is always 23 N 26. (Winter Solstice is 23 S 26, when the Sun is at the tropic of Capricorn – this is Tropical Astrology)

The Full Moon and Solstice are just over 12 hours apart – just enough time for the Sun to move from Gemini to Cancer, creating a very different chart.

Besides the Sun & Moon moving on to the next signs (Moon enters Capricorn within 2 hours, and the Sun enters Cancer 12 hours later at Solstice), the MUTABLE GRAND CROSS continues in full effect, and even intensifies, through June 22 when Mercury and Jupiter make an exact square.

Mercury as part of the GRAND CROSS at the FULL MOON is powerful. Mercury is the Gemini Sun’s Ruler, and Mercury is square Jupiter, the Moon’s ruler – and Mercury is also square Neptune and opposing Saturn. Everyone has something to say. Everyone has an opinion they are SURE is correct. Doubt it, and you’ll get challenged. Even if it doesn’t make sense. How do you argue when you’re talking over each other? Things can be at a standstill that may seem immovable, like a solid brick. Yet also unsettling.

The good part – everyone is thinking. Often at the same time. So we can all feel drowned out by the information overload. You can be more curious and willing to learn, yet confused by conflicting facts and opinions. There is so much going on, what is worth your attention? And can you even focus on something of interest? Current events are absorbing, yet thinking about them can keep you too preoccupied to think about your own life/work/studies/challenges. How do you focus when there is so much strife and unrest all around you, not to mention fear and apprehension. Worrying won’t help, but it can make it harder to think.

Don’t overlook Saturn. The planet of “getting serious,” is currently Retrograde in Sagittarius (Jupiter’s sign), giving everything a pessimistic tone. Even optimism. Yet, Saturn can actually be a gift among all this nervous energy, as it helps us focus and concentrate our awareness. With so much going on and changing quickly, your ability to selectively focus your attention can keep you moving towards your goals. Due to Neptune as part of the GRAND SQUARE, it may take discipline to hold your self-esteem and not let negative suggestions send you into a downward spiral. Or just keep you feeling stagnant and stuck.

And it is exactly where you feel the most stuck right now that is your clue, because this the part that is ready to receive an important message on this FULL MOON. Notice what you are resisting. It may not be easy to release your resistance just yet, but the awareness that it is there and what it is doing can loosen it up and empower & enlighten you to explore new resources, starting around the end of June.

Astrology does show a way out of the endless conflict and challenges. A Jupiter-Pluto trine perfects on June 26. (Jupiter is currently part of the GRAND CROSS, any trine shows us how to ease the challenges of the SQUARE.) With the power of your convictions, you can find the WILL, the confidence, optimism, and the professional approval to make a significant leap, whether it’s for more power, prestige, or money. If your contribution is for more than purely personal gain, your influence can have a wide-ranging and profound effect.

It’s Cancer. Make waves!

Chart for the Full Moon (in NYC):

Chart for Summer Solstice (in NYC):
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