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The Full Moon is on July 19, 2016 just before 7PM EDT. Just as the Republican Convention kicks into high gear.

The Moon is in Capricorn. The Sun is opposing in Cancer.

The theme of a Full Moon in Capricorn is security. That’s Capricorn’s job.

And the ruler of Capricorn, SATURN, is Retrograde in Sagittarius, squaring the Nodes of the Moon – through October 8.

Saturn represents responsibility. Taking responsibility for our actions, beliefs, and how we use them to either separate or join. Accepting limitations, and working with them.

Saturn in Sagittarius is square the Lunar Nodes – South Node in Pisces, North Node in Virgo. This is a MUTABLE T-SQUARE to Saturn. While Saturn can amplify the fear people are feeling, the MUTABLE T-Square exposes our (shared) anxiety – and a feeling of being alienated, marginalized. The missing “leg” of the T-Square is Gemini, suggesting that to work through this, to ease the fear and create a conversation that can soften the barriers, we need to BREATHE. And talk. But are we willing to listen and if we are, can we respond in a way that doesn’t further alienate or drive people apart?

We get a bonus with the Full Moon as Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, trine Saturn, helping us see things from a long-range perspective. We may be able to think clearly, focusing on how, realistically, to achieve our goals. Instead of feeling scattered, we can get serious.

In Vedic astrology the square of Saturn to the Nodes on a Full Moon is seen as an auspicious time to marry. According to the NY Times, in India, the last square of Saturn to the nodes saw 20,000 weddings. With so much to do, careful planning becomes essential, another theme of Saturn.

Here, we are seeing another kind of “wedding” and massive party, along with processions.

We are looking for our roots, our emotional security, our family, whether it’s our kin or our kindred spirits.

barriers, obstacles, judgments, fear, building walls
ambitions, goals, direction, discipline, focus,

Programmed world views begin at a young age. They are introduced in early childhood and reinforced by our community and experiences as we grow. If we couldn’t trust our parents, we may see the world as a place filled with untrustworthy people. If we were taught that all “certain” people are bad, we may believe that – and now we may feel the freedom to act on that as well. And that can find us up against people who think the opposite – loudly. If you think all black people are racists, if you think all white people are racists, if you think all women who want equality are not real women, if you think all jews are greedy, or muslims are terrorists, etc etc etc, your judgments can be extra strong now. Acting on them can be marginalizing and alienating.

Why? Because we want to be righteous (Saturn in Sagittarius). We may have a condition that is upsetting us, yet instead of changing a habit or pattern that is causing it, we choose to take medication. Or find someone to blame. And feel justified taking action against them. Why? Because it is righteous. Or that’s what our group mind tells us.

To achieve, you’ll need mental discipline. Giving in to the small self will not help you reach your goals, set you on a positive direction, or realize your ambitions.

Neptune is also in an approaching conjunction with the South Node, which means the square of Saturn to Neptune will be strengthened and highlighted. Our ideals can be both challenging and persuasive – the pull can feel larger than life and more like fate.

Chart for the Full Moon in Capricorn (in Cleveland, OH):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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This is a link to a PDF map of the USA at the time of the Full Moon:

The blue line through the mid eastern states (Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina) is Uranus. The Uranus line, symbolizing Uranus at the IC (4th house cusp, bottom of the chart) is very close to Cleveland, OH. This means Uranus – currently stationing Retrograde – is conjunct the IC (4th house cusp) of Cleveland at the time of the Full Moon. Groups, unrest, instability at “home,” which can be due to political causes. In this case home can mean the nation, strife within the greater community caused by politics, and weather/climate can add to the instability. Love of freedom, sudden changes in attitude can disrupt the domestic scene. This describes what has been happening here in the US and in many places around the world. Yet, it can also show a spike in the level of upheaval, especially where Uranus goes directly through the IC (chart nadir).

At a time when being able to ground (Saturn square the Nodes) can be so helpful, the presence of stationing Uranus on the IC through Cleveland can make grounding almost impossible. I don’t have to tell you to expect a pop fest of streaming social media, defiant ideology, and protest from all sides, some of which may revolt you. But i can tell you the astrology endorses it.

Since Uranus is stationing Retrograde (July 29), all the current aspects it makes will be repeated. The feedback will continue….

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