New Moon in Leo: Sister Circle

New Moon in Leo on August 2, 2016
@ 4:44:33 PM EDT
Sun & Moon @ 10 Leo 57
Sun & Moon are trine Saturn (@ 9 Sagittarius 52, stationing Direct on August 13)

The New Moon in Leo is the beginning of a new cycle of use our creative energy in new ways. We are ready to expand and grow creatively. We are inspired to love more. We may feel ready to expand our circle of love by sharing with our families, growing our families, or by performing for an audience. Whether or not that brings applause, this is the time to feel good about being YOU. Let your self-esteem glow.




The Sun & Moon in Leo are trine Saturn, planet of restrictions. Saturn is Retrograde but stationing Direct in Sagittarius. This means Saturn will hover right where it is through August, amplifying it’s influence. So this Saturn – stationing Direct while trine the New Moon – reminds us that when we restrict our ego and focus our desires on what is uplifting and positive, we can make spiritual and very practical progress. And yes, that does take effort, Saturn’s trademark, yet the trine is a clue – with just a little effort, you can reach your goals easily now.

And there are some Asteroid aspects to Mercury – creating a circle of sisters – that can help you ground, focus and connect.

Circle of Goddess Asteroids
Juno (3 Scorpio) sextile Mercury (4 Virgo) sextile Vesta (3 Cancer) sextile Ceres (3 Taurus)
sextile Pallas (2 Pisces)

GRAND TRINE: Pallas trine Vesta trine Juno

Mercury is trine Ceres (if there was a planet or Asteroid in early Capricorn, this would be a perfect Grand Sextile)

This is almost a Grand Sextile, which is 2 Grand Trines that form a Star of David, connecting all participating planets by sextile. This is a highly SUPPORTIVE aspect pattern.

While Grand Trines help us achieve, they can also keep us in an endless loop because it’s easy. It’s also easy to get stuck in what’s easy.

Still, this circle of Goddess Asteroids comes right as the US nominates its first woman for President. No matter the outcome, your political views, or backlash, this is historic.

And it comes with the New Moon, showing this really is a first and a new beginning.

Ceres will trine the Moon on August 4, creating a strong mother bond. Caring and being cared for makes us part of the family of life. Sharing nurturing can bring us together at the table, and in the kitchen. We get to share our feelings, which can be joyous or painful, needy or nurturing. And since this aspect is part of the circle of Goddesses in early August, we can feel especially enmeshed as we share feelings, sometimes not being able to tell our feelings apart from others. That can become a problem if you become such a part of others, you lose the ability to steer them through their pain. You can pour on the love too thick, creating the “smother mother” syndrome and possibly forfeiting time to simply appreciate their uniqueness and enjoy their company.

While you may be a caring, loving nurturer to others, don’t forget to include yourself in the circle. YOUR needs are important and forgetting them can diminish your ability to care for others, and your effectiveness.

The Ceres-Pallas sextile shows more of us getting involved in the political process. That could be a big change, since it was reported (on August 1) that only 9% of Americans voted in the primaries. If we want change, we can at least try voting. Instead of dismissing it as ineffective, voting may give us more of a role in the direction we’d like to see our country take. And instead of voting for what everyone around you is voting for, get informed. I know, education has become a 4-letter word to many, but knowledge and information is empowering and choosing to arm yourself with actual information – as opposed to fearful-based illusions – can help you make choices based on positive ideas.

Becoming more politically active doesn’t have to mean becoming an activist. It can mean becoming more informed, sharing news and information with friends, family, or the whole world, forming an opinion based on what you learn.

At the heart of all the sextiles is an opposition from Ceres to Juno. It’s the opposition that gives the Grand Trine the power to create positive change. Ceres- Juno reminds us- we can’t forget the future, which is the children. Also – how we care for the Earth. How do we want today’s children to see our generations? They are paying attention and being influenced and imprinted, even if it’s at a child’s level. What are they taking away from current events?

Besides Pallas, Ceres is sextile Vesta, the goddess of the hearth symbolizing the centering principle. Pallas is in Pisces, moving Retrograde, and will move backwards into Aquarius on August 12. This makes our role in the family, whether it’s our own family or the family of society (especially as Pallas retrogrades into Aquarius), even more central. Pisces is service and compassion, not only to our immediate family but to the entire world. This is how we become inspired to nurture ourselves and others. Vesta also reminds us that in order to care for others, we have to honor our need for alone-time to regenerate our inner selves. Giving that gift to yourself can help you to continue to nourish others without feeling depleted.

While both Juno and Vesta sextile Mercury and Ceres trines Mercury, Pallas opposes Mercury. You can communicate the ideals that are important to you, clearly so others understand too. This is too important to be silent. Speak your mind- from your heart. And find information that will inform and enlighten yourself and others, instead of building more fear and anger.

Also on this New Moon, Mars changes signs and moves back into Sagittarius (it went moved into Scorpio while it was Retrograde). This is a relief. Maybe we can lighten up on our anger. Anger is a choice. We can give in to it and fuel it. Or, we can choose to let it go, see beyond it. With Mars in Sagittarius, we can aspire to a more positive use of our energy than fueling our anger with more anger, which creates more anger, and more anger, and…. We can turn it around, if we are aware of the downward spin. We can question our beliefs, be more honest about our optimism, and create our own freedom. What truly IS moral?

Mars is also moving out of bounds by declination – from August 8 through October 28. Mars will be at 25 S 47 on October 1 – which is EXTREMELY high – and start to slowly turn and move North, but very slowly. When Mars spikes out of bounds, there is usually a spike in Mars energy, which can be angry and hostile. In Sagittarius it can have far-reaching effects and effect the entire world. Mars out of bounds can start wars, or see a spike in violence. Mars will be out of bounds on August 8, and reach its most Southern declination on October 1. It will remain out of bounds through October 28.

The circle of Asteroids – the circle of sisters – including Mercury, can help us connect with our friends and community to lose the anger we feel. We can feel uplifted as we remember our greater good. We can feel our generosity of spirit surging as our anger subsides. Mercury wants to help us breathe a deep sigh of relief. Ahhhhhh…..

Chart for the New Moon with only trines and sextiles:
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

Chart for the New Moon:
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