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Starlight Solutions
Not just another transit forecast, this report offers SOLUTIONS to life's tough challenges. Starlight Solutions is the most positively written forecast and one you'll enjoy time and time again. More...
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"After you place your order, follow the link to artcharts birth info form. I'll email you with dates and times for your appt. thanks!"

Astrology Readings

Integrative Astrology Readings
with Lauren Edmond

Changes -- jobs, family, relationships, money -- effect us all at times. And when they do, an astrology reading can give you the perspective, insights, and spiritual alignment to navigate the changes with ease - and thrive.

Transits are my specialty. The experience of writing artcharts for 19 years helps me quickly identify your major trends and tendencies, both long-term and developing. I can help you identify your active natal chart aspects -- and this reading will help you identify, focus, understand, and resolve your major life themes -- in real time, as they occur.

When we get a natal chart reading, all our issues, talents, and challenges can be revealed at once. But-- we can't work on every issue at once, it's overwhelming! And that's the blessing of transits and progressions -- they focus our attention on several issues at a time. Your transits are the unfolding story of your life - and the more you understand them, the more you can shape your life. Transits are your personal keys to awareness, and greater awareness helps you make better choices, find more advantageous solutions, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Many of us see difficult transits approaching and start to panic. There's no avoiding it -- major transits are usually life changing. Yet-- difficult transits are gifts. If you listen to your most challenging transits, they will guide you to ask the essential questions that open the door to insigts and solutions. They can give you the resolve to stop repeating old patterns that no longer work and limit your success. Instead of feeling you have no option but to fight against change, this astrology reading can give you information and insights so you can not only understand and accept, but embrace your crises and start to move through them in a way that is authentic for you. Your transits are gifts that guide you to your true purpose and power. To be more YOU so you can live YOUR life.

In your reading, I use a mix of various astrological techniques including natal aspects, transits, progressions, solar arc directions, solar returns, as well as my highly targeted intuition and 19 years of professional astrology reading experience.

This is your reading - full strength and in-depth. Questions about partners will become obvious by looking at your chart and transits. Once you are clear and balanced, your relationships will also become healthy and balanced. When you show up, others do too.

This is your time - create the life you want!


My Specialty. Email Readings with Lauren/artcharts
Personal astrology reading by email
This reading is written by me, just for you. I will give you a new perspective on your birth chart and discuss your upcoming transits and progressions. You will receive a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of where you're going and how to get there - from a spiritual AND a practical advantage. Most of all, I will help you access your most valuable resource - you. After this reading, you will have greater ability to use your chart - and a clear understanding of your current transits and progressions.

If you've been enjoying & benefiting from artcharts blog over the years, this is for you.

Please note: this may include a short Q & A by email.


Phone Astrology Readings with Lauren/artcharts
1 Hour Phone Reading
Connect with Your Self -- speak to Lauren for 1 (one) hour. This reading will give you in-depth understanding of your chart, transits, and progressions.


Relationship Readings with 1 follow-up email
1 Hour Phone Reading + 1 follow-up email
1-hour Phone Reading for you and your partner. This includes your chart, your partner's chart, a synastry reading (your planets in their houses, their planets in your houses), and a Composite chart reading.
$200.00 US

Please note:
Once you purchase a reading, an exact time and date for your appointment will be set through email.
Payment is due before your reading.
Thank you!

"Happiness is an inside job." William Arthur Ward


How to have the most insightful Reading possible
To ensure the best reading possible, ground yourself first. Put yourself in a focused, centered state of mind. Find a quiet place and make sure there will be no distractions or interruptions during your reading. This includes turning off music, TV, and email and making sure no one will enter your space. Sit as upright as possible, with both feet on the floor. Take at least 3 slow deep breaths. This helps your body and mind to ground and center so you can be more present. Taking notes can help you to further focus on the reading, as well as remember what was discussed.

Place your full attention on your reading, using both left and right brains -- taking notes facilitates this process. If you can't take notes or rather not, astrology is a symbolic language that speaks to your subconscious, so let the information flow into your subconscious and know you can access it there anytime.

To insure your psychic privacy, I ground my energy before your reading so I can give you clear, unbiased, spiritually beneficial information. I like to begin each reading with an intention, or prayer, that we connect to the most beneficial information possible.



How the call works:
I place the call (we can exchange phone numbers through email). Skype is also fine.

Appointment times
Appointments are available weekdays between 4 and 7 pm eastern time. Evenings appointment can be available, but not weekends.

*** When you purchase a reading, you will receive an email to schedule your appointment. And/or you can email Lauren anytime.

Payment options
  • paypal - you can use a credit card or bank account and pay securely online -- just use the Add to Cart buttons above
  • snail mail a check or money order to:

    151 1st Avenue #109
    New York, NY 10003

    Make checks payable to artcharts or Lauren Edmond

    If you are mailing a check or money order, please make sure to include your birth information: date, time, and place, also where you live now. Or-- fill in our birth info form at Please include your email address so we can schedule your appointment.
  • All payments must be received before your reading begins

Thank you! I look forward to speaking with you!
To your success -- within and without!

"After you place your order, follow the link to artcharts birth info form. I'll email you with dates and times for your appt. thanks!"

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