Jun 27

Happy Full Moon, seriously

Full Moon
June 27/28
@ 12:53 AM EDT
Moon @ 6 Capricorn 29
Sun @ 6 Cancer 29

The Full Moon, coming late at night (12:53 AM EDT), straddles 2 days. So the actual date depends on where you are. The fruits of the previous NEW MOON are ready to be reaped. If we have done the work of the NEW MOON and found our inner joy, the FULL MOON is the time to reap our revelations. If not, opposites can disconnect and divide. Continue reading

Jul 18

Full Moon & Convention


The Full Moon is on July 19, 2016 just before 7PM EDT. Just as the Republican Convention kicks into high gear.
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Jul 10

SUPER FULL MOON: Reality has sent you a friend request


SUPER Full Moon
in Capricorn
on July 12, 2014
@ 7:25 AM EDT
Moon @ 20 Capricorn 03
Sun @ 20 Cancer 03

This is a SUPER Full Moon because the Moon is at its closest point (perigee) to the Earth the day after the Full Moon – on July 13. The next Full Moon – August 10 – will be the biggest SUPER Full Moon of 2014.

For all you Manhattan dwellers and visitors, July 12 is also Manhattanhenge, the (second) time the Sun sets exactly with the street grid. (2014’s first Manhattanhenge on May 28 was overcast, and not visible. This happens twice – astrologically, May 28 and July 12 are equal distance from Solstice, or Solstice point, also called antiscia)

The FULL MOON is in Capricorn, opposing the SUN in Cancer.

This makes SATURN, ruler of Capricorn, the Full Moon ruler.

Saturn is making some very helpful connections in this chart.

Saturn is in Scorpio – trine the Sun, sextile the Moon. Saturn is also trine Chiron, mentor, maverick, wounded healer. This creates a GRAND TRINE. Saturn is also Retrograde, but is stationing DIRECT and will make its DIRECT station next Sunday, July 20. This is a strong, positive Saturn.

Reality is WITH you! You CAN turn things around. Continue reading