SUPER FULL MOON: Reality has sent you a friend request


SUPER Full Moon
in Capricorn
on July 12, 2014
@ 7:25 AM EDT
Moon @ 20 Capricorn 03
Sun @ 20 Cancer 03

This is a SUPER Full Moon because the Moon is at its closest point (perigee) to the Earth the day after the Full Moon – on July 13. The next Full Moon – August 10 – will be the biggest SUPER Full Moon of 2014.

For all you Manhattan dwellers and visitors, July 12 is also Manhattanhenge, the (second) time the Sun sets exactly with the street grid. (2014’s first Manhattanhenge on May 28 was overcast, and not visible. This happens twice – astrologically, May 28 and July 12 are equal distance from Solstice, or Solstice point, also called antiscia)

The FULL MOON is in Capricorn, opposing the SUN in Cancer.

This makes SATURN, ruler of Capricorn, the Full Moon ruler.

Saturn is making some very helpful connections in this chart.

Saturn is in Scorpio – trine the Sun, sextile the Moon. Saturn is also trine Chiron, mentor, maverick, wounded healer. This creates a GRAND TRINE. Saturn is also Retrograde, but is stationing DIRECT and will make its DIRECT station next Sunday, July 20. This is a strong, positive Saturn.

Reality is WITH you! You CAN turn things around.

Grand Trines sound magical. Yet, they can make it easy for us to take it too easy, to become complacent. But this Grand Trine includes SATURN – and Saturn doesn’t have that kind of reputation. Saturn is known as the planet of reality, boundaries, hard work, career, goals. Saturn often makes us shudder. It’s used to make us fearful, limited, overpowered by reality.

Yet, in this chart, Saturn is very helpful. Saturn wants to work WITH you. Saturn is your ally, a partner working FOR you. Saturn has sent you a FRIEND request.

We are taught that even once we grow up, we are still children of spirit, or God. We seek spirit guides, we seek the word from authorities, we give our power to higher authorities. We fear reality. Authorities promise to keep us safe. But what if reality was your equal, providing you with examples and opportunities to become more YOU.

What if everything happening to you now – your reality – was not there to trip you up, but to give you feedback that adds to your growth. What if you’re not the innocent child who is the victim of reality designed to hold you back? What if, instead, you saw yourself as a powerful creator of your reality? What if you could see the feedback you receive as a friend, helping you to become more yourself.

What if reality was not there to sabotage you? What if you didn’t have to give in, give your power away, fight everything and everyone. Or- they’d judge you, unlike you, alienate you. Pressure!!!

There are many ways we give our power away. Every time we act like an innocent child, we are giving away our power to create our lives as adults, to grow. If we give our power away, we wind up blaming an authority for our life, and reality gifts us with more authorities to overcome… So we see reality as a harsh teacher, making us learn lessons through difficulties. But what if reality was there to help you grow -and not because there’s anything wrong with you the way you are. Just to become more of who you are.

Saturn is your ability to create your reality, to build, to manifest. Saturn is your friend. Just like a friend or partner, you can’t control reality. Sometimes your friend shows you some difficult things, throws a curve at you, opens you to a flood of emotions. Sometimes life gets you down. Not all days are great. Sometimes you just don’t feel good or look your best. Sometimes you timing is just off. Yet, this Grand Trine reminds us there is a flow. And being in your flow means accepting the ups and the downs, letting it all flow through you. To resist is to hold on to what you don’t want. When you let it flow, only what’s yours sticks to you. And as you flow, you release old hurts, shame, grief. New energy can fill the empty spaces. Your vibrations start to rise, and you feel uplifted, more positive. You feel yourself being pulled towards the future you envision. Now. Not the dream of the younger you, but the you as you are now.

This is an opportunity to move through fears, barriers and restrictions you set up that limit your growth. To stop playing small, even if it seems like a safe haven from resentment and socially-correct. Why? So you can share your love and healing energy freely and openly with the world. If you stay small, you can’t help anyone. Including yourself. When you fearlessly shine your light – you can love touch heal.

And since Saturn is in Scorpio, you can create your reality with passion.

Speaking of being awesome, Jupiter enters Leo next week (Wednesday, July 16). Take a bow. Give yourself a hand. Let the audience applaud – why not a standing ovation. This is Jupiter, planet of expansion, in Leo, sign of self-love.

Chart for the Full Moon (in NYC):
Click for an astrology legend

I can’t do it for you, but i can do it with you.
take your power back – it’s what makes YOU AWESOME

4 thoughts on “SUPER FULL MOON: Reality has sent you a friend request

    • Dear Ghazi, Saturn is a wise teacher offering feedback that can help you grow to be more YOU. To feel more uplifted and positive about your future, read this post, again and again. hope you start to feel lighter. with Love, Lauren

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