New Moon and June: welcome to the new world (uh-oh)


Indecision. Scattered. Just too much to think about. It can start to get to you, especially when thoughts keep going round and round, with no convincing solution. In fact, your reactions and responses can intensify the challenges more than alleviate them. It could seem endless, except for one power spot that may offer a path to an empowering future.

First. For context – here are the BIG astrological events of June 2016

    June 4 – New Moon in Gemini
    Moon & Sun @ 14 Gemini 53
    June 13 – Neptune stations Retrograde
    June 17 – Saturn squares Neptune
    June 20 – Full Moon & Summer Solstice
    Full Moon @ 7:02 AM EDT in Gemini-Sagittarius (Sun @ 29 Gemini 32, Moon @ 29 Sag 32) + Summer Solstice @ 6:35 PM EDT (Sun @ 0 Cancer 00 – Declination 23 N 26 )
    June 27 – Chiron stations Retrograde
    June 29 – Mars stations Direct

The NEW MOON in GEMINI on June 4 activates the MUTABLE Grand Square – in effect ALL month.

New Moon on June 4 @ 14 Gemini 53 @ 11:00 PM EDT
[New Moon in Gemini conjunct Venus with ruler Mercury in Taurus
Venus and Mercury are in “mutual reception” – they have such a strong relationship, they can exchange places in the chart]

MOON & SUN @ 14 GEMINI 53 conjunct VENUS @ 14 GEMINI 24
square Jupiter @ 14 VIRGO 17
square NEPTUNE @ 12 PISCES 01 and SOUTH NODE @ 17 Pisces 29
opposing SATURN @ 12 SAGITTARIUS 58 Rx
(Neptune is stationing Retrograde)

The GEMINI New Moon starts a new cycle of sharing ideas and information.
Our minds are hungry for new ideas and experiences. And unless we feed them, our minds can become restless.
It’s time to CONNECT with your neighbors, relatives, co-workers and teachers. Get informed. Even more. And share what you learn. Keep it light and keep it moving.

This is a significant New Moon because it ACTIVATES the underlying basic structure supporting all the major aspects of June 2016 – a MUTABLE GRAND CROSS.

[Saturn – Jupiter- Vesta – Neptune]
Saturn sq Neptune (both are Retrograde) Jun 17
Vesta opposes Saturn and squares Neptune
@ the NEW MOON, the SUN & MOON join Vesta
Jupiter is square Saturn and opposing Neptune
see the chart below : the RED LINES are the squares

[Saturn-in-Sag – sq- Jupiter-in-Virgo – sq – Vesta-Venus-Sun-Moon-in-Gemini – sq – Neptune-in-Pisces]

This MUTABLE GRAND CROSS can keep you on constant alert, making it easy to feel restless and agitated.
There may be so many things you need to do too, yet you can’t manage all of it, sometimes any of it. Sure, you know what you’re doing. You know your business/profession/job and you handle your responsibilities every day. Yet, somehow your energy can be inconsistent, making it more challenging to keep up with everything at once. Things fluctuate so much it seems impossible to pin anything down, adding to your indecision and frustration at not getting things done. Who do you believe? This is a question you can only really answer for yourself. Yet you may believe the wrong people or ideas, adapt too easily to things that may not be good for you, and generally be too scattered to follow through. Discipline? Maybe not really what’s happening right now.

Saturn and Neptune are Retrograde, and Jupiter recently stationed Direct. Before you can trust your intuition, you need to think clearly, get the facts straight, be less gullible, more logical and discerning. A lack of decisiveness can make you unreliable and unstable, causing tension and conflict in relationships. If you’re worried about every detail that has not been clearly stated and resolved, when can your partner(s) believe you? The need to share each thought or detail can make everyone better informed – and also more stressed.

When you try to move forward, you can get stuck in a loop, mostly due to inflated or hazy expectations. Being extra generous doesn’t mean the favor will be returned, or that you can really afford what you’re giving, whether it’s time, services, or things. The square from Saturn (in Jupiter’s sign) to Jupiter makes us aware that we need to guide our expansion. Proceed with conscious intention and regard for what you’re doing. Still – Neptune can make this extra challenging since expansion is never quite enough, or true to your vision. Illusion can cloud your better judgment. Decisions can feel forced. Instead of getting disillusioned and giving up on life-long dreams as illusions, try to look beyond immediate results and keep your focus on the big picture. It’s very easy for us to justify beliefs and behaviors that are false and become defensive. Deep inside, we can tell when our justifications don’t really ring true. If you can be deeply honest with yourself and look at what your reality is trying to help you understand about yourself, this deep inner knowing can help you can find the path to making powerful choices. With that awareness, by the end of June you can make some adjustments to your path of action. Even if you’ve made mistakes, they can be fortunate errors that create magical openings into power sources, taking you effortlessly to the right place at the right time (as Jupiter trines Pluto).

This GRAND CROSS continues through June. On June 20th, at the FULL MOON&Solstice Mercury catches up and becomes part of the GRAND CROSS.

There is a way out of these endless challenges. Jupiter trines Pluto, as Jupiter approaches another conjunction with the North Node and both Jupiter and the North Node trine Pluto (South Node sextiles Pluto).

Jupiter-Nodes-Pluto is an opportunity to take your power back – wholesale. You can move out of victimhood, make positive choices, and use your past to create your future. Everything you’ve learned and experienced is a great resource. And you’re ready to put it to use.

We are at a time of dreaming our future. Collectively, the differences in our dreams are becoming more obvious. And challenges to realizing our dreams can seem endless. Is the game really just rigged, giving us justification to “take action”? Even if we believe this, the power of our dreams is very real. Current challenges can become either building blocks or blockades that are impossible to resolve.

Jupiter trine Pluto is the way through. We can evolve or we can become extinct. And right now, we have time to give our collective dream the power it needs to be our future.

Dream a bigger future.

Chart for the New Moon (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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