The GRAND CROSS, Easter 2014 & the Shift of the Ascension

The last post was dedicated mostly to the Grand Cross perfecting on Easter and continuing through April 23 (when Mars joins at 13 degrees Libra). This is the SHIFT of the ASCENSION. And since this is a free will planet, the Shift – or not – is your choice.

If you are open and ready for a POSITIVE SHIFT you can use this GRAND CROSS to breakthrough to a higher dimension of consciousness, which is the Ascension. If not, you may experience constant setbacks. And that can keep you in a cycle of struggle with personal feelings of anger, and rage on a social level. If you are living with anger, fear, and rage, you will notice and experience more anger, fear, and rage. If you are living in a positive vibration, you can experience abundance beyond what you have experienced before.

Will we “transcend” our limitations of belief – or – will we find ourselves in a stalemate – bound by our limiting beliefs of ourselves, our culture, our future?

At this time – you can lift your frequency to a higher level – IF – you see yourself as a Divine being and are willing to radiate positive feelings about yourself. And as you lift, you can also lift the entire planet.

As this GRAND CROSS connects with parts of your chart, you can lift – or you can find yourself in resistance. If you feel pushed against the wall, you may have a choice to make. This is also an opportunity learn more about yourself, to become more aware of who you are and your intentions. If you are not ready to become more aware, you are likely to feel more trapped. It’s ok. Not everyone is ready to ascend right now. And – ascension won’t happen in one instant – for most, it will likely be a process that unfolds over time. You can easily let your negative patterns interfere with your desire to move forward and wind up spinning your wheels and not making progress.

Why is this and why aren’t we all feeling an upward ascension? Because at this Grand Cross, we may be at a peak of feeling any rejection, abandonment, separation from others, from Love, from Divine Love. This can be especially true if the Grand Cross is connecting with any planets or points you have between 12-14 degrees of the Cardinal signs. Is this separation permanent? It doesn’t have to be. We can start to remember our essential connection to Love at any time, and realize that, in the past we needed the feeling of separation to become our an individual, to know who we are apart from others.

And with the coming Solar Eclipse (April 29) in Taurus, with ruler Venus in Pisces, we can reconnect with Divine Love. And i’ll explain how that can happen in the next post on the Solar Eclipse.

Chart for the Grand Cross on April 23 (Mars squares Pluto) in NYC:
Click for an astrology legend

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2 thoughts on “The GRAND CROSS, Easter 2014 & the Shift of the Ascension

    • I hear you – nothing is moving. this is a challenge for everyone with planets at 13 Cardinal signs. My Saturn is 13 Libra, Ascendant @ 16 Libra – part of a Grand Cardinal Cross. Especially for those touched by this Cross, this can be a time of building a new template of consciousness. Hold on! The Solar Eclipse – ruled by Venus – can open and channel more LOVE for the planet.

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