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There’s a Solar Eclipe on April 29.

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Here are this week’s TRANSITING ASPECTS…

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Monday, April 28 :
Moon is in Aries
Moon enters Taurus @ 12:31 PM EDT
Mercury quincunx Mars (Rx)

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Tuesday, April 29 :
Moon is in Taurus
New Moon=SOLAR ECLIPSE in Taurus @ 2:04-2:15 AM EDT
Mercury trines Pluto (Rx)
Venus inconjuncts Pallas Athene

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Wednesday, April 30 :
Moon is in Taurus
Mercury sextiles Jupiter
Moon enters Gemini @ 4:56 PM EDT


Thursday, May 1 :
Moon is in Gemini
Mercury sextiles Chiron
Sun inconjuncts Mars (Rx)

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Friday, May 2 :
Moon is in Gemini
Mercury quincunx Vesta (Rx)
Mercury opposes Saturn (Rx)
Venus enters Aries
Crescent Moon phase begins @ 9:27 PM EDT

Saturday, May 3 :
Moon enters Cancer @ 2:13 AM EDT
Mercury quincunx Ceres (Rx)
Sun trines Pluto (Rx)

Sunday, May 4 :
Moon is in Cancer

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