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Timeline Forecast
The ECLIPSES are coming! The TimeLine is the only astrology forecast that gives you a personal Eclipse reading -- Solar and Lunar. Order yours today. More...
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Eclipses have long been reputed to be evil omens; they get their rep because they are augurs of change. During a Solar Eclipse the New Moon (usually invisible) becomes visible, temporarily blocking out the light of the Sun; conversely, the Sun becomes invisible, blocking what is usually visible. Simultaneously-- what is usually hidden is revealed while what is conscious becomes hidden. During an eclipse, the doorway between the conscious and hidden worlds opens, resulting in the possibility of deliberate, purposeful CHANGE on many levels. Eclipses represent doorways into the next level of consciousness, and transition is always uncharted territory. Sometimes an open door is welcome; sometimes it creates a draft.

The astrological significance of Eclipses is always change. When we collectively go through a doorway into a new realm, itŐs exciting, but thereŐs no going back. Even if we do go back, we have the new knowledge and are never the same again. Since we all know that, Eclipses can be an anxious moment. No one knows what will really happen next. With all the Aquarian energy of this Eclipse, it is all too easy to forget the emotional quality of life. We are busy creating a utopian society, working for the good of the whole, and upgrading our minds, but we canŐt forget the human element, of which we are still a part. When we become more detached, the emotional baggage may seem too heavy and old-fashioned, but without any of it, we can easily become programmed automatons. Yes, we can drop some old hangups and walk bravely into a New Age, but if we forget our emotions, our bottom line humanity, we may realize how much we give up for progress.

During the New Moon phase, the power and illumination of the Sun literally makes the Moon invisible to our sight. The New Moon is the seed time when primal earth energy is released and we are all infused with a new vitality. An Eclipse intensifies the New Moon effect. When there is an Eclipse (the New Moon closest to the ecliptic, represented astrologically by the Lunar Nodes), the Moon becomes completely visible during the day, temporarily blocking out the light of the Sun. As the Moon blocks the light of the Sun, solar consciousness is temporarily suspended as lunar consciousness gains prominence. The usual cycle is interrupted and with it there's a possibility for massive worldwide change. Solar consciousness is usurped by lunar values. Illusion and delusion can be suddenly swept aside to reveal hidden motives. The small can become large-as-a-legend and what is legendary can be made small. The door between the worlds is suddenly opened but only momentarily.

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