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ArtCharts Daily Astrology
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___________Saturday, December 20, 2014___________

ASTROLOGY VIBRATIONS for Saturday, December 20:
For good or bad, emotions can be stirred up today. As we approach the holidays, the need to belong grows, and feelings buried deep within can surface. Emotions can be too powerful to sweep aside - it's time to look more closely. Not to feel bad, but so you can release old patterns and enjoy the magic of the season.

:+: Moon is in Scorpio :+: Moon enters Sagittarius @ 4:56 PM EST :+: Mercury sextiles Neptune :+: Venus squares Uranus (Rx) :+: Venus conjuncts Pluto :+: Ceres trines Jupiter (Rx) :+: Mars sextiles Uranus (Rx) :+:

This week's Astro Transits > December 15 - 21

MOON PHASE: Balsamic

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**Juicy SUPER Full Moon on August 10**

**New Moon: love you**

**SUPER Full Moon: Reality has sent you a friend request**

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