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~ ~ ~ ~ ~ December 2017 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We have so many things to think about, so many stories to follow - and SO many distractions - it's easy to gloss over important things. But since the important things ARE important, Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius in December throws up a CAUTION sign. Mercury stations Retrograde on December 3 (at the end of Sagittarius) while conjunct Saturn. Chill out, pay attention, remember what really matters. This Mercury Retrograde promises to split issues wide open, giving us a second chance to pay attention.Last Quarter in Virgo

This is a time to review our ethical standards, have more conversations, discuss our opinions so we can inform, be informed - and be inspired. More education can open your mind, make you a better teacher, and expand your future potential. There are many options.

MOON PHASE: Balsamic

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