April 29 Solar Eclipse: Doorway to Desire

Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014
New Moon @ 2:14 AM EDT
Moon & Sun @ 8 Taurus 51
South Node is 28 Aries 24
(this is a Annular Eclipse of the Sun, Saros Cycle 122)

Moon & Sun are sextile Neptune, conjunct Mercury, quincunx Mars

Venus is the Solar Eclipse ruler
Venus is @ 25 Pisces 42
aspecting (connecting with) Pallas Athene by quincunx @ 26 Leo 34

This is a SOLAR ECLIPSE in Taurus. We have a new story to create and share. It comes from our collective unconscious and radiates out to our physical lives, effecting everything we do and touch.

The SOLAR ECLIPSE reveals the next part of the story.



Our ‘new’ story starts with the Goddess, as represented by the feminine on Earth. The path is through our desires. And the door is opening…

The chart for the SOLAR ECLIPSE speaks of the separation from the feminine – the alienation and rejection that results – and the potential for reconnecting, for CULTIVATING (in Taurus) a connection to goddess energy through the relationship of Venus and Pallas Athene. Taurus, ruled by Venus, besides from being about love, represents money. Venus is what we value, what we desire.

This SOLAR ECLIPSE is a portal to Venus, an opening, an opportunity to manifest what we desire, here on Earth.

Venus is forming a QUINCUNX aspect (150 degrees, just off an opposition) to Pallas Athene (in Leo) just hours after the Eclipse. In the past few days, Venus made a quincunx to Vesta (Thursday, Apr 24) and Ceres (Monday, April 26).

The quincunx aspect shows the unease, the feeling of being abandoned, alone, rejected, alienated. Of having a difficult time making a connection, positive or negative.

We may substitute many things for love, like money, success, work, food.

It is the role of the SOLAR ECLIPSE to reveal what is usually hidden.

At this SOLAR ECLIPSE we can realize what has been blocking our desire for love, and money. The quincunx aspect shows the block is something that is in our blind spot, something we cannot see directly. Somehow we will have to stretch our awareness. And we can do it. This ECLIPSE opens the door. Going through the doorway is our choice.

The Eclipse shows that we can receive our desires, over time – not when our minds say it MUST happen. The Sun-Moon-Mercury are all quincunx Mars at the Eclipse, so there can be a lot of impatience about getting your desires met. Yet, this Eclipse, ruled by VEnus making a quincunx to Pallas, shows that our desires can be met indirectly, in ways we would never have expected. Since this is a New Moon in Taurus, with an Eclipse portal, we can give our desires to the universe and let them come to us when we are ready. In spiritual time.

And keep in mind- (ha!) – Venus is quincunx PALLAS ATHENE – symbol of feminine intelligence. (Pallas Athene is said to have sprung from Zeus’ head.) You are not going to achieve your heart’s desire by dumbing down. And since Pallas is in Libra – by sneaking, by stealing, or by disrespecting the equality of others. Saturn will trine the SOLAR ECLIPSE point of 9 Taurus as it stations DIRECT on July 20, so respecting the rights of others can significantly ease your path to manifesting.

Heres’s a great way to start stretching your love and prosperity awareness. What are you focused on? Lack, or what you have received? It doesn’t have to be something BIG, something that fulfilled every desire, but are you thinking about receiving or lacking?

This shift can be subtle. Feeling GRATITUDE for even small things can seem like a subtle shift of focus, yet the gratitude you feel can start a major change in how you see your life – and how much you receive. As you notice more good things in your life, more good things start to show up.

Be open to allowing them.

Happy New Moon/Solar Eclipse!

Chart for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse (in NYC):
(Note: this chart is for the exact time of the NEW MOON, not the Greatest Eclipse. Greatest Eclipse is @ 2:45 AM EDT. Please refer to NASA’s website for exact astronomical data. space.com has live coverage starting at 2AM EDT. Australia – you have the best seats to this event!)
Click for an astrology legend

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