Apr 28

April 29 Solar Eclipse: Doorway to Desire

Solar Eclipse on April 29, 2014
New Moon @ 2:14 AM EDT
Moon & Sun @ 8 Taurus 51
South Node is 28 Aries 24
(this is a Annular Eclipse of the Sun, Saros Cycle 122)

Moon & Sun are sextile Neptune, conjunct Mercury, quincunx Mars

Venus is the Solar Eclipse ruler
Venus is @ 25 Pisces 42
aspecting (connecting with) Pallas Athene by quincunx @ 26 Leo 34

This is a SOLAR ECLIPSE in Taurus. We have a new story to create and share. It comes from our collective unconscious and radiates out to our physical lives, effecting everything we do and touch.

The SOLAR ECLIPSE reveals the next part of the story. Continue reading