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Daily Moon Forecast
All the daily transits of the Moon to your chart. The most personalized daily horoscope available. More...

Moon in Gemini
When the Moon is in Gemini, our curiosity increases so we can experience the most variety possible. This is the time to write letters and send email, collect and download information, express your ideas, and get around town. Since we can be more inclined to act the right way and say the right thing, all while busily making nervous conversation, communications might not be quite accurate. Be careful of saying what people want to hear; remember your real emotions. Investigations into the occult or depth psychology might seem more interesting than partying with large groups. Write and journal to communicate and uncover your inner Self.

The Astrological Moon
The Moon rules desire as opposed to ego, need as opposed to expediency or reason. It describes how you feel about yourself, how you handle relationships, and how you emotionally respond to situations and experiences. It describes the flow of your daily functions; physical, emotional, and mental. The Moon represents your residence and domestic environment. It rules babies and young children, your mother and other important females in your life. The Moon is the astrological ruler of Cancer.

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