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Advanced Forecast
This report describes future trends, especially psychological and environmental changes that you are likely to encounter-- even includes the 4 asteroids and Chiron. More...
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Mars square Neptune
This square can bring up issues long buried or shrouded in hazy thoughts and half-baked excuses. People around you, including yourself, could try to discourage and derail your current projects and endeavors, citing negative or spiritual reasons that don't add up. Don't let bullies provide more excuses for inaction due to imagined flaws or imperfections. This is the time to take responsibility for your inactions. Make sure any changes or decisions you make now come from your own directives; are your intentions clear or are you trying to escape reality by heaping on more excuses or finding more reasons to escape or feel depressed. The more you are concealing your intentions in fantasy or wishful thinking, the more defensive you are likely to become during a Mars-Neptune square. We have met the bully and he are us!

Astrological Mars
Mars rules physical energy and efforts. It describes the strength and direction of the physical force that drives your ego, fires your emotions, and encourages your mental endeavors and communicative skills. It describes male relationships and associations, risk-taking inclinations, and the physical challenges you are likely to encounter. Mars is the astrological ruler of Aries, and the co-ruler of Scorpio.

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