Astrology in April: Reset your Mojo


The astrology of April 2016 features…..


This April, Vesta, the sacred flame, shares her focused light with Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, and Pluto. This is an opportunity to reset your mojo! And this is powerful!

The asteroid Vesta is a big influence in sky this month as she
opposes Juno (Apr 5)
trines Jupiter (Apr 10)
quincunx Saturn (Apr 14)
conjuncts Mercury (April 16)
trines Pluto (Apr 17)

As Vesta trines Jupiter and Pluto, all 3 form a GRAND TRINE, making their interaction and integration natural and effortless. Almost so good you can coast along without DOING anything with this powerful Grand Trine. This is too good to pass up.


Besides Mars, Vesta connects with all the planets that station RETROGRADE this month!!!!

Saturn stationed Retrograde March 25

Mars stations Retrograde April 17

Pluto stations Retrograde April 18

Mercury stations Retrograde April 28 (through May 22)

Saturn and Mars – both stationing Retrograde – are both in Sagittarius. While, Jupiter – ruler of Sagittarius – stations Direct in early May. If (when!) you’re feeling impatient, you can see this as an intolerable pause in the action. Or, you can see this as a rare opportunity to rethink old goals and make room for a new level of dedication and engagement with the world. The old ways are being pushed aside so something new can take hold.


Vesta is the key to your spiritual self; your inner center, your core. Vesta reminds us of our sacredness, that we are spark of the divine and will return to the divine. So Vesta is represented most often by a flame – and that is what the symbol for Vesta looks like. Vesta is the hearth, the sacred flame within – your spark of the divine.


In a word, Vesta represents FOCUS. Vesta in your chart shows where you FOCUS your attention. What you are committed to, your dedication.

Once you have an inner focus, you can move it out and extend it to through your dedication and commitment to your work and deeds.

The closest planet (symbolically) to Vesta is Venus. And Vesta is currently in Venus-ruled Taurus.

Vesta in Taurus symbolizes the need to ground within. We need to be more focused on our physical bodies, and manage all our physical resources, including money.

Jupiter trines Vesta (April 10) is a time of feeling genuinely positive about your most valued, long-term goals and commitments. Vesta, as your spiritual self, connects positively with Jupiter. (In Greek mythology, Vesta was an elder sister of Jupiter/Zeus.) Your spiritual connection is more than feel-good woo-woo, the next step is integrating your transcendent, spiritual ideals into the real-world culture. This can be especially helpful as Vesta quincunx Saturn, the realist.

Jupiter is approaching the end of a Retrograde. If you’ve been seeking and finding new meaning in your work, the world, and yourself – this month is time to integrate your expanded self-image into your life work. When Jupiter stations Direct in May, you’ll be ready to extend your horizons to a higher level.

Saturn quincunx Vesta (April 14). Unlike Jupiter, Saturn just stationed Retrograde in late March, so your spiritual dedication may be a stretch to continue when there are more immediate, realistic obligations to deal with. Staying disciplined can be a challenge, as situations seem to knock you off your course. But these are long-term goals, which means they take time to realize fully. Try to maintain your patience without losing site of your future vision.

Vesta connects with Mercury in Taurus on April 16. Your mind is focused on what inspires you, helping you to communicate your ideas and awareness. Meditation can be especially helpful and even if you usually don’t meditate, you can find yourself learning and enjoying the process as it calms and centers your mind.

As Vesta trines Pluto, Pluto stations Retrograde. This is powerful. When you make a commitment based on a spiritual commitment, your life can be re-generated and transformed. This is because your commitment comes from deep within, not on a whim. This is YOU in action.

MOTIVATION that starts WITHIN can easily expand out.. and out… and out. Pushing as hard as you can won’t speed things up. It may even delay them. This Spring is time to reset your inner motivation. This process can be intense, in-depth, and sometimes slow. When you do slow down, listen to your inner self. It has a message that can take time to hear. Give your inner self the time & resources it needs to build and expand. Sometimes it’s fine to break for spirit.

Much more about all the Retrogrades of April coming very soon…! All these Retrogrades remind me to pause… and take time for my human self… After the New Moon post… Or maybe after the Retrograde post 🙂

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