Full Moon in Cancer: focus

January 12 @ 6:33:58 AM EST is the FULL MOON in Cancer

Moon @ 22 Cancer 27
Sun @ 22 Capricorn 27


The FULL MOON in Cancer amplifies any conflict between personal and public life. No doubt.

Here’s the astrological picture:
Jupiter is exactly square both the Moon & the Sun @ 22 Libra 11
And – Uranus&Ceres are square the Moon & Sun – Uranus @ 20 Aries 24 – and Ceres @ 24 Aries 28

This means the FULL MOON is part of a GRAND CARDINAL SQUARE

Grand Squares consolidate and stop action. They suggest difficulties, limitations, and restrictions. But this time, there is a way through. Saturn-Juno. Saturn @ 22 Sagittarius 38 & Juno @ 22 Sagittarius 57 are EXACTLY sextile Jupiter and trine Uranus-Ceres. Sextiles and trines to planets in a GRAND SQUARE show the path out of restrictions and difficulties – in this chart – by embracing established protocol.

Saturn-Juno are the way to make this work. Saturn is all about protocol. And Juno is partnerships, making deals.

Juno – the deal maker – is conjunct Saturn and trine Uranus. While Saturn will try to force Juno into deals regardless of the benefits for Juno, Uranus will encourage the quest for freedom, even if it goes against what is being forced on its partner (Juno). Not to say there won’t be protests AND forceful and strong opposition to protests – it’s more than likely there will be. And since Ceres, Saturn & Uranus are in FIRE signs, all sides are likely to be spirited.

Ceres is conjunct Uranus – this is the mother-as-freedom fighter. She truly cares enough to take a stand. For ALL people.

Ceres is square the FULL MOON and opposing Jupiter. And trine Saturn. She also knows how to get things done. What works, what doesn’t. What moves people, what doesn’t. How to take action (Aries) that is effective (trine Saturn).

But since Ceres is square the FULL MOON (Ceres is square both the Moon and the Sun), taking care of other people can conflict with her personal needs. Women want to help, lead, guide, yet people may not take her advice. They may see her help as interference. There is a finesse that has to be achieved – just enough guidance without becoming overbearing. Offering assistance without attachment to whether or not it is taken. Not being attached emotionally to the outcome.

Perhaps this why we are wondering about the prospects for a new & previously unexpected partnerships with “the Motherland.”

The tendency is to join with others for BIG success. Uranus is opposing Jupiter – and also square the Full Moon – together, we can feel the ups and downs of social change. This is not the time to go it alone, but to come together. We need to focus in – together.

But we can easily go out of focus. Jupiter is in Venus-ruled Libra. And Venus, currently in Pisces, conjuncts Neptune today – mass confusion is possible. We can easily be mesmerized by what feels good. As our imagination takes hold and our psychic reality holds sway, our inspiration can awaken. Is it confusion or inspiration? The edge can be blurred, and confusing.

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