Mercury Direct: moving on

2017 started with Mercury Retrograde. And made its Direct station one week in to 2017.


When i started writing this post last week, Mercury was Retrograde, and there was a ripple of uncertainty that seemed real and justified. Then Mercury backed up into Sagittarius, activating Sag’s ruler Jupiter – currently opposing Uranus and trine Saturn. Jupiter reminds us to keep a sense of humor. Mercury Rx loves rumors. Some of the rumors are outrageous enough to be laughable. It’s tempting, but it may not help.

The undercurrent of uncertainty had many of us feeling powerless. Yet, we are not as limited as we’re led to believe. Saturn, planet of limitations – is in expansive Sagittarius – trine Uranus, planet of change. This planetary picture reminds us – we are BIG, infinite spiritual beings. When we “play small,” it doesn’t work because everything in us KNOWS this is not true. It just doesn’t sit with us. We are not here to be small, insignificant, powerless. And the current planetary alignment reminds us – we are here to expand & grow. Of course there will always be someone to remind us to be smart and stay small. We can find ourselves right up against not only our own resistance, but everyone else’s resistance as well. And yes. You have to be not only brave to make a stand for yourself. Love surrounds us. All we have to do is choose it 🙂

Now Mercury has stationed DIRECT (Jan 8). And ALL the planets – except the asteroid Vesta – will be Direct until February 6 (when Jupiter stations Retrograde). We can start moving forward. Quickly and all together. So what are we going to DO? One interesting point. As Mercury makes its Direct station, it will be quincunx Vesta. Someone may throw some unsettling info into the mix and (try to) sideline an important decision – making it all the more crucial to be fully focused on the road ahead.

Mercury Direct gives the green light to move ahead, take action, take a stand. It may not e a strong stand while Mars is in Pisces. However, as i’ve said in recent posts, when Mercury direct to conjuncts Pluto on January 28 (they missed by a degree when Mercury stationed Rx), Mars will be at 0 Aries – the most aggressive degree of the zodiac, and Mercury-Pluto will be ready to meet head-on.

But here’s the speed bump in the road. We may be in a hurry to find a source outside source to blame, and our intelligence may have a handle on where stories originated. Yet, even if there was an outside source that was responsible, it could not have been effective if there wasn’t something within ourselves that was responsible. That said, we still have to deal with the outcome and future repercussions from the decisions made, whether they were informed or misinformed, or – as Mercury moving back into Sagittarius reminds us – seeking a higher moral ground.

As Mercury makes its DIRECT station in Sagittarius, we can expect to see focus on Sagittarius themes, like foreign intelligence information being made public. And sure enough, more declassified information has been made available to the public. And there is renewed interest in ethics, travel, philosophy, and even the Golden Globes. The search (Sag) for superiority may wind up sending many of us (at least temporarily) to hell (Mercury Retrograde bracketed by its conjunction to Pluto).

As ALL the planets move direct, there may be SO MUCH forward motion at the same time, making life so hectic there’s too much information to process at once. How much is exciting? And how much is overload? Can it all get done, or will important details (Mercury) get glossed over (Sagittarius)?

Since Mercury made this Retrograde station within a degree of a conjunction to Pluto, there will be more information purging until Mercury completes this cycle. When that happens, Mercury will exactly conjunct Pluto and we are likely to have a massive information purge as secrets come into the light of awareness – head on.

My problem with astrology in general is that, too many of us are looking for sources outside ourselves to blame. And this is never going to help – not personally or worldwide. For any of this to work, we have to move beyond thinking of aspects as “good” or “bad” or how we can use them to blame our situations, and start looking for where we are personally able to respond and rid ourselves of guilt and shame. We don’t need it or deserve it! Then we can start to create miracles and move forward. At warp speed.

Now, before the Full Moon and the next post, i’ll stop – just for now!

Chart for Mercury’s Direct Station on January 8, 2017 (in NYC):
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