First Quarter Moon: keeping it Supremely real

First Quarter Moon on Monday, February 15, 2016

Moon @ 26 Taurus 03
Sun @ 26 Aquarius 03
Monday, February 15, 2016 @ 2:47 AM EST

The First Quarter Moon is waxing, moving towards FULL on February 22. This chart reveals exactly what is happening now and suggests what we need to do – and why…

The Moon in Taurus – ruled by Venus – is part of a loving, lovely, comforting GRAND Earth TRINE with Venus-in-Capricorn and Jupiter-in-Virgo.

And there is a KITE to Mars. A brutal struggle, for sure, but one that promises great success.

Luck and love are with you. This is easy, effortless. But it does show struggle and change, since the Sun-in-Aquarius is square (challenging) the Moon-in-Taurus. Aquarius symbolizes change, while the desire of Taurus is to build on things as they are. There is a challenge to keep building even while things are changing. As much as possible, tradition must be upheld.

And with Jupiter as a key player (part of the Grand Trine), it is the law that is just, fair, honest, and upheld (Jupiter is the symbol for law). So it is especially timely that Justice Scalia passes suddenly (Uranus) at this time, leaving an open seat on the Supreme Court that the rule of law (Jupiter and the Constitution) says must be filled by the President.

According to the Grand Earth Trine, the empty seat would best be filled by someone who is NOT looking to make drastic changes, who will honor the rule of law. Sticking with the program creates stability. Somehow (?) the support will be found to maintain the status quo. Forget bold moves, flash or imagination, yet the structure remains intact.

Not only is there a Grand Trine – the Grand Trine also makes a KITE to Mars (this means there is a Grand Trine with the addition of a 4th planet that is sextile 2 of the planets). KITES symbolize SUPREME GOOD FORTUNE. Mars is sextile Venus (widely) – sextile Jupiter (exactly) – and MARS opposes the Moon. There will be a battle of wills – some may not care who they hurt when they’re angry – yet the sextiles and trines show that resolution is possible, even likely, and it will be Supremely fortunate.

On a personal level, the Grand Earth Trine makes it natural to receive love and money. And it makes it easier to be open to receive – something we often resist. And to give actively and with passion.

The Sun in Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

If we look at Venus and Uranus, the 2 rulers of this First Quarter Moon, their midpoint is in Pisces, exactly at the current Ceres-Neptune conjunction. MORE love! This isn’t forced, it’s love that is deeply sensitive and unconditional.

The Ceres-Neptune conjunction also speaks of loss and the compassion gained through loss.
At this time of change and contention, we can get in touch with deeper spiritual values and remember the oneness that connects us all.

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