Hot is the New Cool: New Moon in Aquarius: February 8, 2016


New Moon in Aquarius
Moon & Sun @ 19 Aquarius 15
on February 8, 2016
@ 9:39 AM EST

The New Moon in Aquarius is cool, but love is hot. When used responsibly, this passion can break, and melt the ice.

Venus radiates her love in this New Moon chart, getting you in touch with desire that comes from deep within. Last month, Mercury in the hot seat. This month, of Valentine’s Day, it’s the love planet, Venus.

3 days before the New Moon, Venus conjuncts Pluto. Love is hot.

2 days before the Aquarius New Moon, Venus squares Uranus, planetary ruler of Aquarius. Love is cool.

This puts the focus the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square. The struggle between maintaining the old systems and creating something new continues.

2 days AFTER the New Moon, Venus trines Jupiter, the “lucky” aspect. And the most loving. Being with someone you love can attune you to your higher self. You’re “lucky” because you’re feeling so good and so positive you can easily attract who or what you desire. You can make choices that benefit you and the world around you. The connection to Mars in Scorpio activates this energy and helps to magnetize who and what you love.

Mars amplifies, energizes, and magnetizes the love and passion you feel by being at the MIDPOINT of Venus/Pluto-Jupiter, and the New Moon opposes Jupiter and sextiles Venus/Pluto, literally heating up the love we feel until it RADIATES. Effortlessly. Your emotions are so warm & passionate, you can touch and be touched. Love is passionate (Pluto is sextile Sun&Moon, conjunct Venus, sextile Mars, trine Jupiter!)

Ebertin, who is mostly demoralizingly negative, imo, has this to say about Venus/Jupiter=Mars
“a harmonious sex life, strong powers of wishing, Decisions are made through the joy of love management, wedding, procreation, birth”

You can ACTIVATE the enthusiasm you feel for what attracts you – as long as the attraction comes from the depths of inner self and not from an obsession, manipulation, or dark emotions. You can feel this energy starting to move in your lower chakras and rise up through the higher chakras where you can shape, express and manifest it.

This energy is not only for love. ANYTHING you do with clean intentions – no should, ego agenda, manipulation – will have the vibration of your energy and passion. You can put your ALL into something that’s meaningful for you. Your usual resistance to moving forward can suddenly dissolve, opening your energy channels so you can move ahead.

Another MAJOR highlight of February is the Jupiter-Chiron opposition in Virgo-Pisces. We are learning what world service really means. We are seeing some really clear examples of what TO do and what NOT to do. Mavericks (Chiron) may create more opposition, rather than help us heal rifts (Jupiter opposes Chiron ).

Mercury took the hot seat last month when it was conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. This month, Venus takes Mercury’s position and makes challenging aspects to Uranus and Pluto. Venus sets off the long-term (5 years…) Uranus-Pluto square that just won’t go away. Yet. It’s like the economy that won’t get out of low gear. Something is holding us back, keeping the status quo in place. Many people are angry at big money people and power leaders and want to rebel, take the power back and give it to The People. But how? Who gets to do that, how much control will they exert and what are their goals and intentions?

On a personal level, new love or business relationships can be stimulated. And stimulating! But the square to Uranus suggests these are not necessarily positive, beneficial, or lasting relationships. Hot can turn cool. The conjunction of Venus and Pluto lets us in on a secret – this is passionate. What starts as a power play or manipulation can turn into something all-consuming. Venus-Pluto can reveal a secret romance or secrets in a relationships that cover up intense emotions, cause major upheavals or arouse passionate desire.

Your choice. Hot or cool. It’s all love.

Here’s the chart for the New Moon on February 8 (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

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