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Tracking the astrology SIGNPOSTS for the week of June 17 – 23, 2013

Summer Solstice + chart, SUPER Full Moon (in Capricorn), Ceres enters Leo, and much more….

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Here are this week’s aspects – click for interps
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Monday, June 17 :
Moon is in Libra
Pallas inconjuncts Pluto
Mars sextiles Uranus
Mercury sesquisquares Neptune

Tuesday, June 18 :
Moon is in Libra
Venus inconjuncts Juno

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Wednesday, June 19 :
Moon enters Scorpio @ 2:38 AM EDT
Sun conjuncts Jupiter
Venus inconjuncts Neptune
Mars squares Chiron

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Mars squares Chiron
You must keep careful control of your anger and aggressive tendencies at this time. Intense feelings may be brewing just beneath the surface and all it may take is a minor slight, hurt, or painful personal experience to set it off. It is highly possible that you could be involved in some type of emotional confrontation or uncomfortable situation with another individual at this time. This could also be a time when old resentments which you have tried to hide or bury may resurface. Forgiving old hurts may seem impossible now. Yet, instead of harboring negative feelings, you must make the effort to heal past wounds.

Thursday, June 20 :
Moon is in Scorpio
Gibbous Moon phase begins @ 2:28 AM EDT
Pallas sextiles Uranus
Mercury conjuncts Venus

Friday, June 21 :
Sun enters Cancer=Summer Solstice @ 1:03 AM EDT
Moon enters Sagittarius @ 4:30 AM EDT

Happy Solstice! Open to the light. On this day of maximum light, let the rays of the sunshine stream within and cleanse all your chakras. Then you can use the higher vibrational light to redesign your dreams this summer.

Chart for Summer Solstice (in NYC):
Here’s an astro legend

Saturday, June 22 :
Moon is in Sagittarius
Ceres enters Leo
Venus conjuncts Vesta

Sunday, June 23 :
Pallas squares Chiron
Moon enters Capricorn @ 4:08 AM EDT
Full Moon in Capricorn (2Capricorn09) @ 7:33 AM EDT

This is a SUPER FULL MOON – the Moon is a perigee – closest to the EARTH – therefore BIGGER and more POWERFUL in its influence on tides and emotions.

Read Lauren’s Daily Astro Meme on artcharts homepage every day!

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