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The Asteroid Report
The Asteroids in your chart teach you about your capacity to nurture, marry, solve problems, express your sexuality, and heal. The Asteroid Report interprets the 4 asteroids and Chiron, shedding light on these areas of essential life experience. More...

Pallas Athene quincunx (inconjuncts) Pluto

You may not be able to face it directly, but you can still get the message indirectly - the old ways are not working. The good news - this is a time you can transform cultural trends that have been disempowering you and find new, creative solutions that will empower you. If you've been feeling over-powered and manipulated, trust your gut feelings - they are helping you see through powerful manipulations that need to be transformed. It will take a stretch - but if you can release the feelings of being personally manipulated and abused, you can find a win-win solution that empowers you - personally and socially.

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