Sep 09

Saturn in September: focus and release


We cringe. We have heard it’s a tough planet that takes no prisoners.

Saturn is The Teacher. The master builder. If something doesn’t fit, Saturn insists it change – or the whole structure can fall.

Mars is square Saturn, the aspect that forces change. Our egos (Mars) do not like hearing that something about us has to change. Humility does not fit into the ego’s equation. Yet, there’s Saturn, with its irrevocable rings of limitation, or are they rings of Harmony? Saturn demands that our ENERGY be focused – and not scattered. It wants our ATTENTION.
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Jan 06

Stuck? No escape? Mars squares Saturn

mars square saturn
january 7, 2013

mars square saturn
january 7, 2013

Tempers! Mars square Saturn can be so frustrating, tempers can flare – en masse.

When Mars squares Saturn, we get to directly experience how our limitations form the blockages that hold us back – individually and as a group. Yet, this Mars-in-Aquarius can show us HOW to detach enough to identify and move through our limiting beliefs. How do we know if frustrations from limiting beliefs are a problem? If Saturn needs a limitation to maintain control, you will see a marked lack of energy (Mars) in that part of your life now. Continue reading

Nov 19

Sun enters Sagittarius – ON target or boiling over?

sun enters sagittarius

The Sun enters Sagittarius on November 21, 2012
@ 4:50:09 pm EST
Sun @ 0 Sagittarius 00

The Sun enters Sagittarius – the sign ruled by Jupiter, planet of optimism and opportunities. From the astrology chart at the Sun’s ingress into Sagittarius, is our enthusiasm bubbling up, or boiling over?

It’s not what happens when the Sun enters Sag, as much as the time between then and the Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon on Wednesday, and that’s what this post is about…

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Nov 14

Saturn quincunx Uranus – you need YOU

Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct (quincunx) forming an approaching inconjunct (they opposed when Saturn was in Libra). Any aspect between outer planets is significant – as they light our path to greater consciousness on a mass scale – in this case our blindspots. This quincunx lasts for ONE-YEAR. November 15 is the first of 3 passes. The last pass is October 4, 2013.

The first thing to notice about this inconjunct (or quincunx – 150 degrees apart) is both planets are in Mars-ruled signs – Uranus in Aries. Saturn in Scorpio. Are we going to use this hot-headed energy aggressively and unexpectedly – Uranus in Aries. Or shrewdly and carefully – Saturn in Scorpio.

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