Stuck? No escape? Mars squares Saturn

mars square saturn
january 7, 2013

mars square saturn
january 7, 2013

Tempers! Mars square Saturn can be so frustrating, tempers can flare – en masse.

When Mars squares Saturn, we get to directly experience how our limitations form the blockages that hold us back – individually and as a group. Yet, this Mars-in-Aquarius can show us HOW to detach enough to identify and move through our limiting beliefs. How do we know if frustrations from limiting beliefs are a problem? If Saturn needs a limitation to maintain control, you will see a marked lack of energy (Mars) in that part of your life now.




Mars squares Saturn on January 7, 2013.

Mars is in Saturn-ruled Aquarius
(Saturn is the Classical ruler of Aquarius)
Saturn is in Mars-ruled Scorpio
This puts Mars-Saturn in ‘mutual reception’ – in each other’s signs

Saturn and Mars are SQUARE – and – in mutual reception.

That’s a powerful relationship – and a strong force. It can be overwhelming, unless you can temper it. Mars heats and Saturn cools – we can mold metal. What new patterns can we create?

Mars is in political Aquarius, squaring calculating Saturn scheming from Scorpio. What could go wrong?

When Mars-square-Saturn, every act can be politically motivated. Especially since this is a FIXED square, we can feel very cautious when it comes to showing our hand (our abilities), although holding back can mean stopping progress. A big ego can become extra defensive, yet this is Mars in future-oriented Aquarius likes to network – we can work together and look beyond individual agendas.

This aspect can uncover conflict created by defensive feelings. If competition is unhealthy – driven by ego and NEED instead of authentic desire that comes from the Self – the focus can shift from building together to taking all you can for yourself. Planning based on scarcity and fear presumes you can never have enough – unless you take it with force. Ironically, when we are wrapped up in taking, we cannot receive (except for ‘unwanted’ pounds!). So we think we need to take more forcefully. The universe gets the message – we need – and that’s what we get – the experience of NEED. No movement – checkmate – as Mars squares Saturn. We blame, we humiliate, we demonize. We create negative public opinion, locally or globally. We create more fear, prejudice, suspicion – and we recommend that others ACT strongly, swiftly, for the good of all.

What IS in the best interest of all? This Mars-Saturn puts it on the line.

This is where we see the effects of the STRESS that builds when we shut down emotionally while acting forcefully. Allowing our fear to influence our actions can cause some hot-headed errors this week. Just the feeling of excitement can inspire action – even if the square to Saturn slows it down.

The problem with impulsive change right now is Saturn – throwing off our timing just enough to do damage. Saturn wants us to be patient. Building anything that matters takes time, and respect for the process.

The danger of this aspect is when our defensiveness overwhelms our ability to take serious things seriously. When we chose defensiveness over solutions, we focus on exploring the problem, pointing out the blame, and yet find no solutions. That IS frustrating!

If we heed Saturn’s speed bumps, we can use Mars’ brilliant intuitive, forward-thinking Aquarian energy to burst through old blockages. We can all become more accepting of ourselves and others. Easy does it! Less resistance. And you can find the energy & strength to do more, even better.

Chart for Mars-squares-Saturn on January 7, 2013 (in NYC)

mars square saturn
january 7, 2013

mars square saturn
january 7, 2013

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Note about on-going aspects. Saturn is not really going out of orb of the sextile to Pluto – or the inconjunct to Jupiter. Saturn will station Retrograde on February 18 (@ 11 Scorpio 31) and remains in the same area of Scorpio through March.
This means the YOD (Saturn-Pluto to Jupiter, and Vesta) heats up again, and even doubles, in mid March.

What’s interesting now is the position of Vesta as she Retrogrades in Gemini and occupies the focal point of the YOD. This coincides with more women being sworn in as Congresswomen and Senators. Among many other changes. In upcoming posts, i hope to explore this YOD and more about the current positions of the Asteroid Goddesses, including how to use Ceres in your chart.

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