@ the edge or climbing higher?: New Moon in Capricorn: January 11, 2013

new moon in capricorn
january 11, 2013

new moon in capricorn
january 11, 2013

New Moon in Capricorn
Moon @ 21 Capricorn
SUn @ 21 Capricorn

The New Moon in Capricorn also includes Venus, Juno, Pluto, and Mercury in Capricorn – or – a stellium of planets in Capricorn.

That’s a STRONG focus on Capricorn, while ruler Saturn presides (in hiding) from Scorpio, sextile Pluto and Juno (Venus next week). Not only are we looking for control, we also want financial power.

Capricorn, the goat, climbs until it gets to the edge of highest cliff. And in Capricorn, what happens at the edge of the cliff doesn’t necessarily stay at the edge of the cliff. Can we keep climbing…




Capricorn is worldly. A sophisticated streetwise citi slicker, thin and tailored in gray and black, focused on success. Undaunted by climbing mountains or corporate ladders, Capricorn is motivated – especially by power, and ruler Saturn in Scorpio wants plenty of financing to use that power. Getting too casual or personally interested can get in the way of the path to success, unless socializing has real advantages. Who do you know? How long can you remain in complete control – and what happens when you get to the edge of the highest peak? These days, many are wondering about cliffs, falling off them, and if it’s still possible to climb higher. What happens at the edge of the cliff depends on how power is used and combined with self-discipline.

To answer the bigger question – aspects truly move out of orb when we understand and assimilate their lessons. Dane Rudyar taught us that when planets conjunct, it is the BEGINNING of a cycle, just like the New Moon. The conjunction chart colors the entire cycle of the 2 planets. So it is not a question of ‘when it is over’ but how to best learn from it and use its lessons to upgrade our attitudes and our lives. Conjunctions are potentials jump to the next evolutionary level, like a DNA coil. So this is a new Capricorn cycle that’s beginning. With plenty of company. It’s not the time to get depressed and cave in on yourself- it’s time to be present. So how can we use the currently available energy, as symbolized in the New Moon chart, to get there.

While everyone is talking about arriving at the edge of a cliff – Capricorn the Goat wants to keep climbing higher. And there are 6 planets in Capricorn @ the New Moon.

Capricorn is truly, deeply involved.

As the Moon conjuncts Pluto hours before the New Moon, this is an intense moment – we see beyond the surface and are especially aware of underlying psychological reason for communication – whether actually spoken or not. There is depth and passion in our commitments and intentions, whether they are emotional or financial. And as we are learning in prosperity/abundance work, our emotions are linked to our abundance.

The big winner is big business. We put our trust in corporate brands, sites, and stores because we know their products.

In this corporate Capricorn era, businesses need to be sustainable, or they will not have the budget to continue. We can try to be responsible consumers, another Capricorn theme, paying attention to WHO we buy from, and why. Or, we can simply trust whoever is the most corporate, professional, and maintains consistent standards.

Many people have stelliums or concentrations of planets in their charts (three of more planets in the same sign, sometimes in 2 adjoining signs). This can bring focus. But it can be limiting because energy is not distributed evenly. This is the old “putting all your eggs in one basket” proverb. When events are not in your line of focus, you can get blindsided, thrown off, challenged. If your only focus the Capricorn path of building security, you can miss out on Are you in it for a higher goal, or are you involved in the competition of chasing goal after goal. A focus on Capricorn shows us that we are busy focusing on projects, and while this is projective, it can also be so overwhelming that we stop working on things we thought we really wanted to do. IT could be time to get organized so your energy can be steady and you can avoid burnout and overwhelm.

Mostly, the New Moon is about the Moon. WE can discuss the Capricorn effect, and all the planets in Capricorn, yet that is different than the emotional Moon. With Moon in Capricorn – conjunct Sun and Mercury, your body speaks. Your emotions are carried in your body and any emotions that need to be processed wind up in the body, hidden yet still hoping to be understood. Are we listening? Do we have time? Since Saturn/Capricorn is about TIMING, the answer is probably yes.

New Moons are time to make wishes. In Capricorn, you can make wishes based on reality, not wishful thinking. How, exactly, realistically, are you going to build your dreams, or build on your dreams? At this New Moon you can vision the details of the process. Be specific. Organization counts. If you are well-organized, you can get more done. And since Capricorn forms long-term relationships, sustainability counts. You can’t build something and tear it down. It simply costs too much – both in time and money.

Capricorn is a teacher. Its lessons are considered difficult (unwanted) because Capricoxrn teaches respect for process. When we embrace a process and become involved in the specifics, we are building. Capricorn teaches us that to build, we need precision, or the structure will not stand. If we are not responsible to this teaching, whatever we build will crumble. And cost us.

Venus, Juno, Pluto, and Mercury also in Capricorn make it even more important that we build correctly or big flaws will appear in our relationships, finances, and ability to communicate.

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How long will the effect of this New Moon last? It looks like ruler Saturn is moving out of orb of the sexitle to Pluto, but this is an illusion. Saturn will station Retrograde on Feb 18 and will only move a degree until then. Saturn is not going anywhere. Pluto is also holding its position, as it will Retrograde on Apr 12 @ 11 Cap 35, and move back to 8 Cap 59 on Sept 20. Pluto is also staying in the same area of Capricorn where it will continue to square Uranus and sextile Saturn. Uranus will catch up and resume squaring Pluto until the end of 2015.

The Capricorn New Moon @ 21 Capricorn 45 is inconjunct (or quincunx) Ceres Rx @ 21 Gemini 40 – a very tight aspect. This aspect is about that old subject – dependency. How do we take care of ourselves AND nurture others, including family, children, partners, friends, associates. What happens when YOU need attention? Do you expect to be taken care of? When the Sun and Ceres are inconjunct, it just doesn’t seem to balance. To make the necessary balancing adjustment, think about how you – indirectly – contribute to being needed. What does that say about your own emotional needs? Are you sharing your personal side, or covering it up so it doesn’t interfere with what others expect you to be – for them. It’s time for natural nurturing – without projecting the need to be needed on anyone else, children or adults.

The Asteroids are actively participating in the current chart. When i can, i’m working on a post about the Asteroid’s involvement – and how that can help you in these times.

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