Saturn in September: focus and release


We cringe. We have heard it’s a tough planet that takes no prisoners.

Saturn is The Teacher. The master builder. If something doesn’t fit, Saturn insists it change – or the whole structure can fall.

Mars is square Saturn, the aspect that forces change. Our egos (Mars) do not like hearing that something about us has to change. Humility does not fit into the ego’s equation. Yet, there’s Saturn, with its irrevocable rings of limitation, or are they rings of Harmony? Saturn demands that our ENERGY be focused – and not scattered. It wants our ATTENTION.



Saturn, as the last visible planet in our Solar System, traditionally means endings. It provides us with contrast.

Currently, Saturn is involved in several very important astrological aspects.

1- Saturn is being squared by Mars (September 9)

2- Saturn is conjunct the Lunar North Node (exact September 17)

3- Saturn will receive a conjunction from Venus (September 18)

This also means:
Mars squares the North Node (September 10)
Venus conjuncts North Node (September 18)
Venus conjuncts Saturn (September 18)
Venus squares Mars (September 28)

These aspects coincide with the Autumn Equinox, making this especially important and potentially life-changing.

This is a call to FOCUS our energy. Using energy to send negative thoughts does one thing – it hurts the sender. Sure, it can make a competitive ego feel better – and while sending negative thought waves can put a dent in the recipient of your negative thoughts – mostly it keeps the sender in a negative spiral of shame and guilt. This is long-term since Saturn’s next conjunction with the North Node is in April 2025.

This can also be a time you meet a teacher or guide who takes you to the next level of your development.

Instead of wasting energy on disappointment and ego gratification that never comes, how can you focus and use your energy positively?

Mars-Saturn can stir up any lingering anger. Our egos do not appreciate being ‘put down.’ We can be especially sensitive to insults and judgments. This can also serve as radar to help you detect people who are using their egos to assert control over you. It doesn’t feel good. It feels restrictive and overwhelming, a true affront to your confidence. It’s a warning. How do you use control to hold on? Confidence comes from your spirituality – when we are more spiritually focused – we feel our own connection to the Creator and all that is – regardless of what the competition suggests. Losing the need for approval can be liberating. You can release whatever anger is stirred to the surface to break through and release restrictions being imposed by competitive individuals. You can reclaim your energy, regain your focus, and accomplish what previously seemed impossible.

This is an excellent time for a life review – not for guilt but to let go of the past. It’s an opportunity to release beliefs and judgments that have been holding you back. How are you holding on to GET more. What if getting doesn’t make you as happy as GIVING? How many ways does trying to get more make you unhappy, sick, depressed? And keep you in a tape loop of (seemingly endless) negativity? How can you stop the tape loop, face fears and let them go? It’s the EFFORT that keeps you conflicted and struggling in the endless tape loop of judgment. Bless Saturn and allow its presence for pointing out whatever is bothering you – and decide to let it go.

Today i watched my highly emotional Scorpio cat, Muddy, let it go. All his favorite sleeping places were taken. He started to hiss at Luna cat who had taken his favorite spot in my closet, and i came along and asked him (nicely) to stop, pet him for awhile. Then i saw him playing with his toys. He had let it go! A few minutes later, Luna came down from her perch and Muddy reclaimed his spot. No gloating – that would keep you holding on;) Easy, effortless. And fun.

Muddy sleeping…. (can you hear him purring?!)muddy-sleeping

This is a time of learning. Saturn conjunct the North Node shows we can accelerate our learning. What are we going for? Getting MORE to satisfy our ego – or – true understanding? Being open to SEEING what we overlooked in our rush to BE and GET more can be liberating. If we have to get things we don’t have, we will never have or be what we want. We will stay in the loop. And never quite get there. What if what you seeking to learn you already know?!? What we attach to, makes us dependent and destroys the free flow of love and exploration.

DEEP breath and release.

Saturn also represents TIME. And aging. We fear aging, yet it is through aging that our soul blossoms. And as Venus conjuncts Saturn, we also realize that to fear age is to overlook the beauty and value of our soul explorations.

What if it is only our own resistance to life – and all it is teaching us – that causes us unhappiness and suffering. And by accepting whatever is happening, even when we don’t know where it will take us, that we free ourselves.

Mars squares Saturn on September 9, 2013 (in NYC):
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