Saturn quincunx Uranus – you need YOU

Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct (quincunx) forming an approaching inconjunct (they opposed when Saturn was in Libra). Any aspect between outer planets is significant – as they light our path to greater consciousness on a mass scale – in this case our blindspots. This quincunx lasts for ONE-YEAR. November 15 is the first of 3 passes. The last pass is October 4, 2013.

The first thing to notice about this inconjunct (or quincunx – 150 degrees apart) is both planets are in Mars-ruled signs – Uranus in Aries. Saturn in Scorpio. Are we going to use this hot-headed energy aggressively and unexpectedly – Uranus in Aries. Or shrewdly and carefully – Saturn in Scorpio.




Mars is in the last degree of Sagittarius, yet the Moon will conjunct Mars before Mars leaves Sagittarius. So Mars is not void-of-course – but with plenty of fiery public energy approaching. People are feeling this – we the people want to see some action.

We are learning that it’s ok to be an individual – and we don’t have to enforce our brand of individuality on others. In fact, we don’t want to. If we did that, our individuality wouldn’t be so individual or unique – everyone would be just like us and we would lose our unique qualities. If we can allow everyone to be themselves, we preserve and empower our own individuality.

The point is to be more YOU. The realization you can reach now is what suppresses you, what is the energy that stops you from being you? See it, feel it, look at it. Saturn-inconjunct-Uranus allows indirect suppression to be revealed. It can show you how you get blindsided as your natural timing is thrown off and you (subtly) doubt your abilities. Instead of taking on their doubt about yourself – send them love and detach from creating heated (ego) entanglements and other (sidetracking) dramas.

Saturn inconjunct Uranus
Mars in Sagittarius

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