Dec 31

Happy New Year & Happy New Moon: let’s light up 2014

Happy 2014!
We are going to LIGHT UP 2014!

This year, the NEW MOON is ON New Year’s Day.
2014 is truly a year of NEW beginnings. What is possible when you have Capricorn’s determination and you don’t give up…. Continue reading

Dec 20

Winter Solstice & Venus Retrograde: the gift of YOU


Winter Solstice is Saturday, December 21, 2013 @ 12:11 PM EST
Venus stations Retrograde Saturday, December 21, 2013 @ 4:53 PM EST

Sun @ 0 Capricorn 00
Sun’s declination is 23 S 26
Sun is conjunct the Tropic of Capricorn
Venus is stationing Retrograde in Capricorn (28 Capricorn 56) Continue reading

Jan 10

@ the edge or climbing higher?: New Moon in Capricorn: January 11, 2013

new moon in capricorn
january 11, 2013

new moon in capricorn
january 11, 2013

New Moon in Capricorn
Moon @ 21 Capricorn
SUn @ 21 Capricorn

The New Moon in Capricorn also includes Venus, Juno, Pluto, and Mercury in Capricorn – or – a stellium of planets in Capricorn.

That’s a STRONG focus on Capricorn, while ruler Saturn presides (in hiding) from Scorpio, sextile Pluto and Juno (Venus next week). Not only are we looking for control, we also want financial power.

Capricorn, the goat, climbs until it gets to the edge of highest cliff. And in Capricorn, what happens at the edge of the cliff doesn’t necessarily stay at the edge of the cliff. Can we keep climbing… Continue reading