New Moon in Capricorn: Showing up


The New Moon in Capricorn is on January 9, 2016 @ 8:30 PM EST

The Sun and Moon are conjunct @ 19 degrees Capricorn 13 minutes (19 Capricorn 13)

What a powerful first New Moon of 2016!

The Capricorn New Moon starts a new cycle for getting real about your profession and reputation. You may be feeling more ambitious, more serious, and ready to focus on a path that is practical and realistic. IT doesn’t have to be about a career.

The New Moon in Capricorn, with Mercury and Jupiter Retrograde (see the blog post for Jan 4-10 for lots more about Mercury & Jupiter Rx), is a new start, a time to rethink and refocus your goals. What can you do to improve your career? Your community standing? Do you need to be more disciplined about achievement? Are you as visible as you’d like to be? Do you show up? If not, what’s holding you back. Many of us formed a belief when we were teenagers that it just isn’t cool to self-promote. The underlying fear is that being visible will expose whatever is wrong or not good enough in you.

In Capricorn, a good reputation counts. But hiding isn’t going improve your reputation. People see through you anyway. If you’re focused on judging others, you’ll feel judged because you’ll be focusing on judgments. How can you radiate more of your positive energy and share more honestly from your heart.

You ARE good enough. At times, we find ourselves back in old all-too-familiar situations, repeating past patterns we thought we’d gone beyond, and we start to feel that we’re not really not good enough. Yet this is because you’re getting ready for a new cycle of growth, moving into a higher resonance. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is in adventurous, expansive Sagittarius (and conjunct Venus), showing us – with love – that growth and expansion never cease. To get to the next level, we need to ground (Capricorn and Saturn representing Earth) and heal the past (Mercury & Jupiter Retrograde).

Where will you show up, take more responsibility, so you can be more PRESENT, BE HERE NOW instead of retelling your old story, which can be very tempting with Mercury Rx in Capricorn. We can’t be everywhere at once, so WHERE you show up depends on WHERE the New Moon is in your chart.

In your 1st house, YOU may show up by doing something new for you, like upgrading your image, finding new ways to get yourself across to others.

In your 2nd house, financial issues may show up. You might start a new financial program, make money in a new way, heal your relationship with money.

In your 3rd house you may show up in your neighborhood, in the way you communicate and relate to people. Or the desire to learn may show up as you take a new course, read a new book, write something new.

If the New Moon is in your 4th house, you show up at home, within your center. Maybe a new idea for home renovation, decoration, or organization will show up, especially if you clear out some clutter, as reclaiming your space can be especially likely during Mercury Retrograde.

In your 5th house, you may show up by being more creative, more loving. You may show up with flowers or on a date. Or by doing things you enjoy, having fun. You may show up at a party.

In your 6th house you may show up at work, by being more present with your co-workers, or by cleaning up your workspace. Or by being of service to someone in need.

If The New Moon is in your 7th house, you show up in relationships, both personal and professional. A competitor may show up. Or a business partner.

In your 8th you may show up in your marriage or long-term commitment. You may take responsibility by ending a habit that’s been putting you at risk. Or, by paying down a debt.

In the 9th house, you may show up by exploring, whether that means going on an adventure, going back to school, or getting serious about your spiritual pursuits, perhaps by meditating or working with a spiritual mentor or guide.

If the New Moon is in your 10th house, you show up in your professional pursuits. What can you do to be more visible in your career, how can you find new clients, improve your reputation? Your family life (early and/or current) may have a big influence on how willing you are to put yourself ‘out there.’

In your 11th house, you show up with friends, by getting more involved with a group. You may rethink your goals, including a plan to make it happen. You have SO MUCH to contribute.

In your 12th house, you may show up within your self. You’ve done so much for others lately, now it’s time to be responsible for your inner growth. And doing that can make every other area of your life more harmonious. If you can’t choose do that, circumstances can force it, like a health issue or somehow being forced to spend time alone. Deep inner peace is your goal.

Let’s not forget. This is a New MOON – and not only Sun and Mercury, but the MOON contacts the long-term Pluto-Uranus square.

As the Moon conjuncts Pluto (Jan 9) deep hidden emotions can surface, and as Moon squares Uranus (Jan 9), those unexpressed emotions can be explosive. If you don’t suppress them, your emotions can empower you. But this is not encouraged by the cultural mindset and some may be offended by any display or discussion of emotions (square Uranus). We are encouraged to stay in our thoughts, not to explore our emotions because that’s too unstable, uncontrollable, unknowable, and dangerous. Yet, for those of us on a spiritual path, emotions are the key to connecting with our Self.

The ruler of the New Moon in Capricorn is Saturn. The day before the New Moon (Jan 8), Venus & Saturn conjunct, which can be a rigid approach to love. It can also make you more responsible to a committed relationship. Venus is also approaching a trine to Uranus (the ‘old’ ruler of Capricorn). So while the Sun and Moon join the Uranus-Pluto square, Venus is trine Uranus (and semisextile Pluto). This can inspire you in new and unusual directions. You can meet a person, or a group, that excites you and nudges – or even catapults you – forward, pushing you out of any rigid, inflexible position and into something new, expansive, different, and stimulating. As Venus contacts Saturn and Uranus – TIME and LOVE – save the day.

Chart for the New Moon in Capricorn: (in NYC)
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