Astro Currents: Relief! First Quarter Moon, Mercury Retrograde halftime


This week also contains a chart for David Bowie and a few lines about his chart, shared with the greatest love & appreciation for all he gave us.

If last week was tense, this week can somewhat of be a relief. Ah….

Instead of challenging squares, Venus trines Uranus (Jan 12), the Sun (Jan 13) and Mercury (Jan 18) trine Jupiter, and Mars trines Neptune.

Mercury reaches the halfway point of its Retrograde on Thursday. Seems fast. Not complaining 🙂 The Sun and Mercury form their “inferior” conjunction, which just means they conjunct while Mercury is Retrograde. You may feel a little disoriented, but stick with it. The information you receive now may not make much sense, but you’ll decode it – soon.

The First Quarter Moon is on January 16, Moon in Aries (@ 26 Aries 16 and Sun @ 26 Capricorn 16). This is combination can give you untiring determination – you can wait out anyone and be ready the second they make a move. You can negotiate without overpowering, yet get what you need. Your sense of purpose can be so strong now, it can exhaust you, especially mentally since Mercury is Retrograde. So it can help to know when to take a break and ease the pressure. When you meet or work with people you have fundamental differences with, you may instinctively want to jump on them to set them straight. Yet, keeping your cool can conserve your energy and give you more bargaining power. This Quarter Moon can help you become (more of) a polished professional.

The Quarter Moon’s ruler Mars is trine Neptune. You may get inspired more than take action during this Quarter Moon phase. Yet, your creative inspiration can give you brilliant ideas for being more productive.

And – Jupiter is conjunct the North Node. If you feel ready to grow, this conjunction can be a portal to new opportunities through new people you meet, often by chance, making it feel ‘fated.’ Keep in mind, you attracted them because you are ready to take it to the next level. If you feel generous, go with it.

Chart for the First Quarter Moon (in NYC):
Click here for an astrology legend to read the symbols.

And finally, a chart for David Bowie, the man who fell to Earth. A private person with a message so powerful he had to come before the public and inspire all of us to explore our world and worlds beyond. He was part of a generation that instinctively understood how to use media to push us all forward, and asked us to wonder: Is there life on Mars?

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