Full Moon & Mercury Direct: to your selfie


January 23, 2016 @ 8:45 PM EST
Sun @ 3 Aquarius 29
Moon @ 3 Leo 29

@ the Full Moon – the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Leo – exactly opposite each other

Aquarius is focused on using your mind, with so much intellect and idealism there’s not much emotion, and that’s why Aquarius seems detached, dispassionate, scientific, futuristic, alien

– The electrical energy of Aquarius opposes – the warm Leo Moon

The Leo Moon warms up the Aquarius cool. We bask. We all feel more glamorous, romantic, creative, bright. We glow!

But – Aquarius is detached. If someone disappoints you or insults your pride, you can drop them in a heartbeat and never look back.

Since the Moon is in the Sun’s sign of Leo, the Sun is stronger. And the Sun is in Aquarius – so we look forward to the future…

The Sun in Aquarius is ruled by futuristic Uranus. Ruling planet Uranus is in Aries square Pluto and Mercury – Mercury and Pluto are conjunct.

At the Full Moon Mercury is literally motionless, or stationery. Mercury stations DIRECT 2 days after the FULL MOON (Jan 25) – still conjunct Pluto.

Also at the Aquarius-Leo FULL MOON, all 5 inner planets of the Solar System are visible in the pre dawn sky. And while our neighborhood lights up, scientists have announced that “Planet Nine,” one of the transNeptunian bodies in the Kuiper Belt, is a dwarf planet. A new neighborhood opens in our Solar System, something far out and alien to our inner world, stretching our minds farther than ever before.

So what does all this mean?

You are the star AND the audience. Observe yourself. Take notes on your performance. Go ahead and take that selfie. You just may observe something in your image that increases your self awareness – and expands your self-image.

Next week (Jan 30), Mercury will once again conjunct Pluto and square Uranus again – making both aspects EXTRA INTENSE. Keep in mind – what doesn’t become apparent now – at the FULL MOON – can brew a few more days before coming to a head. You can get to the bottom of deep issues, research in-depth, find vital information, and understand secrets that have been buried or hidden. And that can reflect large-scale, social secrets that go viral. And personal changes that are transformative. It’s possible for sudden major changes you didn’t think were possible to happen quickly between the end of January and mid February.

The Sun & Pallas
The Sun in Aquarius is conjunct the asteroid Pallas. Pallas is the goddess of intellect and creativity. You may want to use your creative mind to do something for society, to take a stand, identify with a cause, inspire your community, whether it’s local or global. You may be outraged by the disrespect you see for other cultures or lifestyles and feel inspired to use your originality and wisdom to move society into the future, or to create a more equal society – between cultures and the sexes. You can be clear about issues and causes, helping others to see the importance of your vision for a better future.

Also worth noting now. Jupiter is conjunct the North Node (@ 22 Virgo). This acts like a portal to a positive attitude and a higher vibration. Someone you meet can open a door to new opportunities and greater abundance. You can meet a teacher, a mentor, or someone who expands your horizons by taking you to the next level, whether your adventure is by traveling or by opening your mind with books or education. If you don’t choose to expand your awareness now, you can become more self-righteous and sure of beliefs you have held in the past. And see everyone who doesn’t agree with you as wrong. No further discussion needed. Going negative can limit your ability to attract abundance and keep you just where you are, or eternally running after the next new best thing.

Speaking of opening our minds to a higher dimension, scientists are now saying that a dwarf planet beyond Pluto they’re calling “Planet 9” probably does exist. Astrologers have known this “planet” as Sedna, with an orbit that is around 10,500 years. Yes, our minds are being asked to expand!

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