Feb 14

Full Moon on Valentine’s Day

The Full Moon is on February 14
Valentine’s Day

Moon opposes Sun
@ 6:53 PM EST
Moon @ 28 Leo 02
Sun @ 28 Aquarius 02

The “astrological polarity” is 27 Leo-Aquarius. The message of astrology may be especially insightful on this FULL MOON.

The chart for the Leo FULL MOON has some SERIOUS energy blocks. Since information is empowering, let’s take a look… Continue reading

Jan 29

New Moon: Your ideal future

New Moon in Aquarius
January 30, 2014
@ 4:38 PM EST
Sun & Moon @ 10 degrees Aquarius 55 minutes

The Aquarius New Moon – a time we can intuit our future, use our intelligence to go beyond the ordinary, think beyond the usual limits, discover something brilliant, creative, electric, exciting. Continue reading

Jul 21

Hey SUPERSTAR! Sun enters Leo on a SUPER Full Moon

Oh Leo, you should be proud! You really are great. Where would we be without you! And where would you be without your devoted audience – Aquarius. As the SUN enters its home sign of LEO, the Moon-in-Aquarius opposes the Sun – creating a SUPER Full Moon. Great show. Applause!

Take the stage! And shine your light we love so much.

You are a superstar – and right now, you can channel your star-quality energy by being a shining star for your highest ideals.

Promote your purpose – champion your cause – speak up for your rights – celebrate your ideals – motivate your mission – find your freedom – Continue reading

Feb 08

New Moon in Aquarius: Instant Karma – just add water

Sunday, February 10, 2013
@ 2:20 AM EST
New Moon in Aquarius
Sun & Moon @ 21 Aquarius 43
Chinese Year of the Snake begins
Happy New Year!

Newer, faster, sleeker, smarter. You’re ready for the latest hi-tech advances and the most ingenious cutting edge concepts. This is the New Moon in Aquarius – with ruler Uranus in Aries – and the start of a new cycle of spontaneous intuition. New ideas can change lives in an instant. Is it a recipe for karma? The square to the Nodes says it just might be – if we add water. Continue reading