New Moon: Your ideal future

New Moon in Aquarius
January 30, 2014
@ 4:38 PM EST
Sun & Moon @ 10 degrees Aquarius 55 minutes

The Aquarius New Moon – a time we can intuit our future, use our intelligence to go beyond the ordinary, think beyond the usual limits, discover something brilliant, creative, electric, exciting.

Yet, we do cannot learn anything when we have fear in our hearts. Instead of opening out minds to learning, we find people and situations to blame, to limit our progress; we find ways to hate. This stops our progress and shuts us down.

When we shut down we literally cannot take in any more information. Just the thought of taking in more can make us more tense and angry, and more shut down. We resent having to learn, to open our minds. We shut it down with blame, sarcasm, negative opinions. What we are really doing it covering our passion with it’s opposite emotion – anger.

The aspects of the NEW MOON show an (almost) explosive need to change. Yet, making changes can be a stretch to the point of feeling overextended. Are we willing to make that stretch anyway?

To make socially conscious changes, we need to be conscious how we give our power to groups, and how they use that power. Giving power away is always tricky and the temptation to use it against us for their (more important?) gains is strong. Are we so fearful and judgmental that we are willing to do that anyway?

In the New Moon chart, Pallas Athene plays a significant role. Not everyone is willing to accept the powerful teaching of a goddess asteroid. This chart shows us that the first step to change is accepting the feminine power that is in each of us – women AND men. The aspects to the NEW MOON in Aquarius show us that the path to equality between the sexes is not direct.

We are coming out of a long era of women being automatically downgraded, even learning to self-subjugating themselves to the will of men. Automatically becoming June Cleavers with a happy face, always willing to serve others and sacrifice their desires for their children, their husbands, their mothers, their friends and neighbors – to be the perfect helper to the point they don’t know who they are or what they want, because wanting anything for themselves would make them selfish. Having no consideration for oneself is considered being a “good” woman. It’s part of the hormonal makeup of women. Or was. And not that the goal is to be mean and heartless, but it is to love yourself; to find your own freedom to be YOU, whatever that means to YOU.

There is a double YOD in this chart – also called the finger of God, the aspect of fated change. And although this is not comfortable change – it twists us like a yoga position – it does not have to be ominous. The YOD it shows up when we need to change course and turn things around.

PALLAS Athene configures strongly in the New Moon chart, as she inconjuncts the Moon&Sun (New Moon) and Uranus.
The Sun and Moon are in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus. And Uranus is sextile (helping) the Moon&Sun, making another inconjunct to Pallas. This forms a YOD (triangle).

There is another interlocking YOD. Pallas sextiles JUPITER and they both inconjunct the NEW MOON.

When there are 2 connecting YODS, change is inevitable. And when they are centered on URANUS and AQUARIUS, we can be sure, society (ruled by Aquarius and Uranus) is changing. The SHIFT is happening. Like it or not, and many do not like it at all, there is a new consciousness being birthed; society is changing.

The New Moon chart also speaks of our resources, and how we use them. Jupiter (still Retrograde in Cancer) is opposing PLUTO and VENUS – now conjunct in Capricorn as Venus stations Direct (Friday, January 31). How much do we need to be/feel abundant? How many resources can we afford? Is the supply unlimited? Do we need to use our resources responsibly or can we just take from the Earth regardless of what that does to the Earth and its inhabitants? Do we need to be socially responsible or is our need for abundance greater? And is abundance about having more resources? Can we ever have enough? And what does feeling we can’t get enough really say about us.

We will continue to need more and more resources as long as we believe we are not enough – that we can never have enough, do enough, be good enough.

An image of Aquarius, the water bearer, is seen in the Star card of the Tarot, pouring her pitcher into a stream. Imagine all your doubts, sarcasm, negativities, dark thoughts in that pitcher – all the times we have been falsely accused, abused, taken for granted, rejected, made to feel inadequate – and pouring it out into the stream to be purified and transformed from stagnant dark energy back into usable light energy.


The YODS in this chart show us it may not be comfortable to imagine our ideal future, that we can easily revert to all the “why this can’t be” reasons. Yet, this New Moon asks us to stretch the bounds of our imagination and just let ourselves fill up with the future you want. Go ahead, include everything, love, career, opportunities, lovely things. Venus stationing Direct in Capricorn – and conjunct Pluto – makes you a POWERFUL reality creator.

Stretch into your miracle and create your ideal future.

That doesn’t mean projecting the past onto the future. It means opening space to create YOUR ideal future – without the negative chorus “reminding” you of all the setbacks you are likely to face. NEVERMIND all that!!! This New Moon is YOUR time to SHIFT UP, radiate, & shine. This is the message of the 2014 New Moon in Aquarius.

And because this is a Free Will planet, no one can do it for you. If you want help from your spiritual guides, angels, light beings, healers, ascended masters, friends, intuition, all you need to do is ask.

Chart for the New Moon in Aquarius (in NYC):
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More about the key aspects of the New Moon:
Sun inconjuncts Pallas Athene
Pallas Athene inconjuncts Uranus
Venus stations Direct
Venus conjuncts Pluto
Jupiter opposes Pluto

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