Hey SUPERSTAR! Sun enters Leo on a SUPER Full Moon

Oh Leo, you should be proud! You really are great. Where would we be without you! And where would you be without your devoted audience – Aquarius. As the SUN enters its home sign of LEO, the Moon-in-Aquarius opposes the Sun – creating a SUPER Full Moon. Great show. Applause!

Take the stage! And shine your light we love so much.

You are a superstar – and right now, you can channel your star-quality energy by being a shining star for your highest ideals.

Promote your purpose – champion your cause – speak up for your rights – celebrate your ideals – motivate your mission – find your freedom –

– o-

– o-

A SUPER FULL MOON occurs when the Moon is ‘perigee’ (closest) to the Earth. The Moon is at perigee on July 21, so the Moon rises on the evening of July 21, it will appear extra large. (This Full Moon is not quite as large as last month’s SUPER Full Moon in Cancer, yet its distance from Earth qualifies it as one of the year’s Super Full Moons.) SUPER Moons have a strong affect the Earth’s tides, pulling all water and raising tides. Emotions surface. Our water body is super charged. We are radiating magnetic attraction.

So what do you really want to attract?

While the Sun in Leo wants love and romance, the Moon in Aquarius wants to be friends, at least first. Leo knows it must provide leadership through rulership, Aquarius wants democracy for all.

As the Sun enters Leo – there is a new beginning – the Sun Child is born. Along with Full Moon at 0 Leo-Aquarius, there 2 additional planets at 0 degrees of their signs. Venus @ 0 Virgo 16 (conjunct regal Regulus) and Pallas @ 0 Cancer 42. This can symbolize the celebration of a royal birth. It also speaks the awakening of our divine royal Leo self.

Magnetic attraction – of wealth, abundance, & love – is available for you to download and share with all…
So why isn’t everyone manifesting their dreams and desires? The firm grip of resistance remains present. The attraction of Leo is squared by Saturn in equally magnetic Scorpio. We may enjoy our wealth, power, and glory – yet not want to share.

What good is being a superstar if there’s no one to share the glory with, no one to notice and appreciate your gift of love and light? No one to applaud? Is it their fault? Or is an overactive, imaginary ego creating distortions and blocking you from appreciating your own light? We can freely access our love and light once we start to become more mindful of how we unconsciously give our ego full control. We don’t need to destroy our ego, a balanced ego can share its energy – but at this FULL MOON we may realize how much we love our egos – and how that can work for us – here on Earth – and against our divine Self.

The Sun’s entrance into LEO is doing a stellar job in its role as superstar. Yet, the Sun must share the limelight – the Moon is the starring planet of the Full MOON. And the Moon is in Aquarius – ruled by Uranus – the people – and Saturn – the professional. Uranus is Retrograde, moving backwards in Aries, collecting group karma of impatience and correcting any errors made in haste while Uranus was direct in these degrees of Aries (December 13, 2012 – August 17, 2013, plenty of eventful dates to work with there).

The Sun-in-Leo opposes the Moon-in-Aquarius – energy is polarized: the star vs the audience; the One vs the group. If you are the Star, that means you need to show up, be present, give your all to your fans – even when you want to run wild and feel free. You may genuinely want to be helpful to many people, yet also desire the rewards and recognition for being extra special.

Saturn is the old ruler of Aquarius. We look at Saturn for a more personal interpretation of Aquarius. At the Full Moon, Saturn is Direct at 5 Scorpio.

Both the SUN and MOON are in (an approaching – still increasing in energy) square to Saturn – this puts Saturn at the focal point of a FIXED T-SQUARE. JAM.

The T-Square to SATURN cools down and hardens energy. This is an aspect of being so cold and stubborn – everything gets stuck. There is no movement. Resistance is COMPULSIVE – NO CHANGE is allowed – not now, not ever. Control must be extensive and eternal. This is an attempt to hold onto power, despite changes in society. Instead of sharing power – this is about using position and authority to OVERpower.

This T-SQUARE SATURN shows the persistent determination of those who keep securing, strengthening, and improving regardless of the challenges and struggles, regardless of what friends or the public (Aquarius) think of the powerful structures they build.

Besides being at the midpoint of Sun/Moon (Saturn squares the Full Moon), Saturn is at the midpoint of Venus/Pluto. if you’re not manifesting your heart’s desire, you may need to go further into your Self and find out what you really want – beyond what you’re ‘supposed’ to want. Your usual automatic answers may be blocking the love you truly desire. Emotions avoided, evaded, or that you’re just too frustrated or inhibited to feel, once again, may contain the insight that has the power to uncover, remove, and heal any of your emotional blocks to receiving the light of love that is truly yours.

Here is a Full Moon mediation inspired by this Leo-Aquarius Full Moon.
On midsummer night, you can get into your own harmonic alignment with your Self and let that radiate to the world. Become aware of your heart vibrations. Tune in to your heart center and feel its vibration of pure love. Let your heart connect with the light of the Moon. If your love vibration has been blocked by fear and rejection, go back to your child self, before you denied your love and joy, and let your resistance release and shift back to your original feelings of love and joy, your true self, your Child self of pure joy. When you are aligned with yourSelf, you can extend your radiant love to everyone. Open your eyes and see the BIG Moon in Aquarius. Open your heart to extend your love and light to others. How can you share your gifts? Be open and you will find ways to share your light. You’re about to give the most wonderful gift you can – your inner joy. And all you have to do is smile;-)

Besides making a square to Saturn and opposing the Sun, the MOON is the focal point of a YOD – the Moon is inconjunct Venus and Pallas (Venus and Pallas are sextile). Socializing may not be an easy balance – you may give more than you receive, or be offered more than you can receive. You may not have the time to be with friends or romance, as other family commitments and career goals pull you away. Instead of being co-dependent, you may need to make an adjustment. You may feel more confident and independent as you lose old fears of being rejected and take care of yourself.

Saturn is also part of the current GREAT GRAND TRINE ( read more about this historic Grand Trine). This FULL MOON can give us the light and clarity to manifest our dreams. To find inspiration, it can help to just start doing something. Movement and action, mixed with commitment and discipline, can open your flow of divine inspiration.

Jupiter is conjunct Mars in early Cancer, and both are moving forward – to form an exact SQUARE to URANUS and opposition to PLUTO this summer. This conjunction activates the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square that has been causing so much rebellion and unrest worldwide. There is entrenched power – represented by Pluto-in-Capricorn – squared by people-powered Uranus-in-Aries – this square continues for 3 year (2012-2015). Now along comes Jupiter to make a long-term powerful square into a T-SQUARE – an aspect that causes enough stress to initiate change. More on this as we go….

Chart for the FULL MOON in Aquarius of July 22, 2013 (in NYC):
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