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Sun in Leo

As the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo represents the fifth stage in the evolution of man and his place in the universe. Here, the dominant need is to develop man's creative urge. Creativity is not entirely an emotional urge in Leo, it is also an expression of ego. The mind and heart are united in Leo to represent man's ultimate individuality. When their egos are turned inward, Leos become self-centered and tyrannical. Seeking to gain attention (consciously or subconsciously), they love to play the hero. At times this gesture is indeed noble, but feeling they already know what is best, they often neglect to learn what assistance is actually wanted and their misguided generosity becomes worthless to those they sought to help. Imaginative Leos envision grandiose schemes and many of them possess the talent to turn their ideas into reality.

Leos are stubborn and impervious to changes not of their own making. They are however, able to accomplish things in life because of their tenacity in sticking with projects when others lose patience and stamina. Unfortunately, stubbornness in the Leo personality is dictated more often than not by their ego. Attempts to back them into a corner, or demanding that they change their thinking or behavior will quickly reveal the extent of their intractable nature. Even when confronted with irrefutable evidence of the foolhardiness of their ways, Leos can stubbornly cling to bad relationships and wrong ideas because their egos simply will not allow them to admit being wrong. However, their tenacity becomes a valuable asset when it is demonstrated as loyalty to friends, or as patience and determination to succeed in completing a worthy project. The astrological symbol for Leo is the Lion. As king of the jungle, this animal represents the regal disposition of the Leo personality. Their dignity cannot be assailed. If insulted or abused, they rarely forget the slight unless their detractors sincerely and humbly request forgiveness. Leos generally have opinions about everything and not a bit of reluctance in expressing them. They must have the last word and, as far as most of them are concerned, it is the only one that counts.

Leos react physically to everything they experience. Before they assess the practicality or worth of what they are doing, before they sort out their true emotions, and before they take time to reason things out intellectually, their tendency is to shoot first and ask questions later. Leos tackle projects others would not attempt, though they cannot help calling as much attention as possible to their efforts. Their penchant for exaggeration and overreaction works well in the theater, advertising schemes, and other situations where a "bigger than life" approach is desirable. Leos are often guilty however, of habitually turning a mundane problem or fairly routine situation into an overblown crisis, much to the confusion and annoyance of those around them.

The sun, celestial guardian of the human ego, rules Leo. Its influence gives Leos a true love of life and its pleasures. Genial hosts and natural entertainers, they get pleasure out of helping others enjoy life as much as they do. Enthusiasm and generosity are integral parts of their gregarious natures. Their sunny dispositions inspire the affection of many friends and admirers, as well as engender feelings of envy in those with less popular personalities. Though usually full of ambition and enthusiasm, they also have a lazy streak and, if given the opportunity, will take the easy way out of things, especially when the situation offers little fun or glory. They are so attracted to energy and excitement it can be difficult for them to accept that life also consists of boring routines and mundane details that need constant attention.

It is easy for pleasure-loving Leos to become addicted to rich food, and as they get older they find themselves putting on weight. Their gregarious nature makes it hard to enjoy or stick to boring or solitary physical fitness routines, but they may not mind dressing up in flashy gym outfits and joining an exercise class. Dancing, swimming, and tennis are favorite activities, though they are eager participants in sports of all kinds. When engaged in team sports, however, they can make too many grandstand plays, forgetting that they are just part of a team. Arts and crafts, theater groups, philanthropic societies, and religious organizations attract their interest and participation.

Leo colors are gold, royal blue, purple, and red. Vulnerable parts of the body are the back and the heart. Overexertion, heart murmur, and various types of back pains are the usual Leo complaints. Leo rules gold, and the birthstone for this sign is the sardonyx. An appropriate representative of Leo's versatile, creative personality, the intriguing sardonyx is a variety of agate that exists in many colors and can be cut in many ways. One of the special ways it is used is in making cameos. Flowers for Leo include the showy dahlia, yellow lily, poppy (red), marigold, sunflower, and heliotrope.

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