New Moon in Scorpio: let’s make magic


New Moon in Scorpio
October 30, 2016
1:39 PM EDT
@ 7 Scorpio 43

The Scorpio New Moon is the time when all the cobwebs come out of hiding. It’s the time to make magic.

Scared yet? When you release your fears, you can make magic.

You can’t have both at once, and Scorpio asks us to choose – fear or magic.

But Scorpio gives us the gift of releasing our fears so we can let magic happen.




For millennia, our cultures have (mostly) condemned the pursuit of inner wisdom. We are taught to value what is outside ourselves and ignore the voice within. The messages about listening in on our inner dialog range from “don’t do it” to “it makes you insane.” So we turn it off when we’re young and our brainwaves start to speed up.

Inner wisdom is a gift from the higher feminine. Masculine energy rules the external world and feminine energy rules the internal world. The womb (inner) is where life grows. Feminine energy is not the sole domain of women, and neither is masculine energy the sole domain of men. All of us contain both feminine and masculine energy. To cut off one or the other is to live in great imbalance.

Many of us are ready to move past sexISM. Not because we are obsessed with sex, but because we value and honor the sexual experience as sacred and magical. We want to be vulnerable and share our magical powers with our partners, taking an act that can range from debased and degrading to sacred and transcendent.

At the Scorpio New Moon, the Sun & Moon are conjunct.Mercury is also conjunct the Sun & Moon, transmitting a message from the greater feminine. The Scorpio Moon will conjunct Mercury later on October 30 (6:12 PM EDT). This means we will be receiving inner messages all afternoon – and for the entire month ahead. And these messages will be powerful, smart, and intuitive as Mercury is exactly trine psychic Neptune and closely sextile Pluto. We will be able to articulate feelings and insights that are usually below conscious awareness, just out of range of our grasp. And as this is also Halloween Eve, when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, these messages will illuminate our inner vision.

Some may discount these messages as fantasy and illusion (the Neptune effect). Yet Mercury is also in its superior conjunction phase with the Sun and sextile Pluto, making the messages given and received now even more plentiful, influential, and powerful. Answers to challenging problems can come from “nowhere,” providing invaluable insights that can help you achieve important goals. And – they are energized even more as Mercury and Neptune are in close aspect to the Lunar Nodes. The Moon, Sun, and Mercury are sextile the North Node, showing there is more HARMONY in society than fear and hatred. And Neptune conjunct the South Node exposes the subconscious beliefs and lack of understanding that many harbor. People will listen and be influenced by both sides – those who want to create peace and those who are dissatisfied with the prevailing trends.

Scorpio is a symbol of SHARED resources. It’s not about taking as much as you can for yourself, it’s about creating intimacy with ANOTHER person. Whether it’s physical or financial, Scorpio needs to share. You can’t share if you’re not in command of yourself. And you can’t share if you’re trying to control someone else. During the New Moon in Scorpio there is a choice – we can SHARE power – or – we can try to manipulate to maintain power.

To master Scorpio is to become a self-master. This can’t happen if our subconscious mind is mired in fear and negative programming. We are being given the insight to become aware of what is happening below the surface. Scorpio probes. Any deep relationship can reveal more about yourself than you can access on your own.

This Scorpio New Moon comes the day before Halloween, the time of the Dark Goddess. This is the wisdom of women. Long condemned as witches, the wise woman honors the darkness of the season, guiding us through the time when the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, and acting as a spirit guide. She warms us when we are cold and sheds light on the darkness. Wise women have been tortured throughout history, and by remembering them, we remember and honor their spirit and their gifts, even if they were dishonored in their live times.

And here, at this Scorpio New Moon, women once again find themselves fighting for their rights and respect. The struggle is not over. Equality is not assured. The specter of misogyny still haunts us. Still welling up from the collective unconscious. A joke? A political ploy? Or something sincere and vital for the balance of the world. This is not about bitter women hating men and seeking revenge. This is about honoring BOTH sexes.

The clear and present danger in this campaign season – beyond the stress and anger – is ourselves. The ego latches on to anger at the “other” side, using it as a place to put all our distrust and hatred. Yet, holding on is a ploy of the ego to hold anger in place. (Scorpio is a FIXED sign.) Whatever side you are on, there is something to be learned from the “other” side, whether it’s negative or positive. Many of us have seen the extent of body-shaming in ourselves and in the culture. We have gotten in touch with the deep wounds sexism has inflicted. Yet, holding on to these wounds keeps the ego just where it likes to be, in control. This is SCORPIO, the ego is powerful. But the ego can be transcended. We can rise from the lowest to the highest, we can be a stinger or a phoenix. We can be paranoid or we can trust the universe. Instead of languishing in blame and anger, what can you learn from this? Perhaps the person who exposed this was unconsciously acting as a catalyst to move the entire culture forward. Forgiveness frees the heart.

Perhaps you see only the corruption of the other side. There’s plenty to go around. You don’t have to have “faith” in one side or the other, but you can have faith in the process, in the overriding good intentions of people and a process that has given you a live filled with opportunities and blessings. You don’t have to give up on yourself! Or on the process.

On November 3, Mercury sextiles Pluto. If a new information download is coming, this could be when it happens. On November 7 at 4:25 AM EDT, the Sun sextiles Pluto and more can be revealed. Right on time. This is the empowering feeling that comes when you stare down the demons.

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