Steamy, leaky email: investigations and revelations

Astrology has a few things to say about what’s going on with the latest revelations in the US presidential election. The astrology of the week ahead has all the components of the latest email scandal: covert secrets, scandals, investigations, confusion, illusion, sexuality, money, power, cover-ups, and revelations as the Sun & Mercury positively aspect Neptune & Pluto.

When the latest email information was disclosed, and not disclosed by the FBI, Mercury was trine Neptune. The information revealed was unclear. Anything could be read into what was revealed. Or not revealed. And to many, the facts may not matter as much as what they feel. That’s Mercury-trine-Neptune.

Then there was the New Moon in Scorpio, which sought to reveal the depths. Yet, at the New Moon, Mercury and Neptune were exactly trine.

Will any actual facts be revealed before election day? Or will innuendos be enough? It looks like more information WILL be revealed. But not right away. On the same day as the New Moon, the Moon was trine Neptune, so many people (Moon) will consider the “truth” to be what they feel (Neptune). No matter how loud you talk and whatever tone of voice you use to make a point, assumptions are not the same as obtaining and acknowledging actual facts. When you’re willing to let pretense stand for real knowing, you never get clear.

On November 1, the Sun trines Neptune, and setting the mood can count more than uncovering facts. What we may NOT know what is true and what is illusion. This aspect is great for communicating between the realms, but not so much for clear thinking.

But then things change. The fog lifts on Thursday, November 3, as Mercury sextiles Pluto and hidden information comes out into the light. By then we may see the end of vague maybes as investigations probe beneath surface explanations. Pluto suggests some of what is found may be steamy hot. Yet, since Pluto is in Capricorn, this is also about power – it’s use and misuse. Many will be watching, listening, and commenting on this hot, steamy mess! The Mercury-Pluto sextile suggests that more information will be uncovered.

Around dawn on election day, November 8, the Sun will sextile Pluto (while Mercury quincunx Uranus on November 7). Voters will be concerned with finding the truth before making an impulsive decision that can’t be undone. They want to trust their candidate. No matter what decision is made, getting to the truth of the matter may matter most of all.

Why do we look at these events? Because when we get clear, our clarity radiates out to the rest of society. When we change, the world can change. When we stop blaming and defending, we allow the space for others to do the same. We listen, even when people are angry, even when they’re blaming, we don’t get defensive. We don’t define ourselves by the old story of who we are. And that’s how we make a difference. My hope is to hold some space for us do that. Together, we can elevate the level of the entire planet.

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