SUPER Full Moon on November 14: stepping stones


SUPER Full Moon on November 14, 2016
@ 8:52 AM EST

Moon 22 Taurus 37
Sun @ 22 Scorpio 37

Ruler is Venus
Venus is in Capricorn
Venus is at the midpoint of Mars/Mercury

This Full Moon in Taurus is YUGE! Not only is this a super-close SUPER FULL Beaver Moon, it is the closest Full Moon since 1948. The next one this big will be in November 2034. What does this mean? The events happening now are lit up extra large and are SUPER intense.

The Full Moon is in Taurus, opposing the Scorpio Sun. This is the time to build bridges between fulfilling personal desires and contributing to the greater good. It shows the urgency of finding balance between indulgence and denial. We all have an appetite, yet grabbing on too tightly to either side can make sharing power & money impossible, and we can wind up with too much or not enough. The rights of both sides need to be honored and both need to have their say.

What do you own, and what do you owe? Putting all your focus on getting more for yourself – using all your power to prevent others from taking any part of what you have – can make sharing unlikely, and you can wind up with less comfort, money, possessions, enjoyment, security, power instead of more. Intense emotions can make it hard to see if you are hoarding money, possessions, or power. This is a time to come into balance, If you can’t see it, someone else’s insights may help you see this as clearly as the light of this SUPER Full Moon. It’s not about being an ascetic or denying yourself, but it is about loosening attachments so you can let power & money build. When we share, the intimacy we achieve with others can make us feel more confident, wealthier and happier than hoarding.

So how DO we build bridges? The key is Venus – the planet that rules the Taurus Full Moon.

Venus has just entered Capricorn, so we can build on existing structures. In small ways (due to the aspects Venus is making in this chart).

Venus acts as the peacemaker. And in her unique position – semisextile and at the midpoint of Mercury & Mars – she reaches out to connect. But connections now can be made by taking small steps. Carefully walking on stepping stones.

Despite the anger & passion, expressed visibly & loudly as shown astrologically by the Mercury-Mars sextile, Venus at their midpoint shows the need for sobriety, respect, and even love, which can best be extended when you feel secure in yourself. Calm assurance. Listening. Healing, as Capricorn represents the great healing mother. Venus unites. Venus heals. And Venus in Capricorn does this by building, slowly & steadily. This is a call to build a strong blueprint for the future.

We can, will, and do literally create our reality. Let’s do it with love and respect.

Thanksgiving Day Preview: this is the first Jupiter square Pluto (there will be 2 more in 2017). On Thursday, November 24, the Moon-conjunct-Jupiter will square Venus-conjunct-Pluto. First, this is bad judgment brought about by a strong will to power. Expectations can be exaggerated. Hopes and goals that are too extreme or overly optimistic can be disappointing. The hope of immediate results can take you to a negative place, leave you low. some may be tempted to do anything to gain power, mistakenly thinking it will all work out, magically. that’s not how magic works. mysteries are deep, not shallow or superficial.

This is a call to find true faith. The challenges we face require deep understanding, work, commitment, and perspective. What seems like a bottomless pit – even a fall into the fires of hell – can also be a journey to greater wisdom with a shift of perspective. Hell may sell, but it will bring more fear, and less wisdom. And surely no magic. Just terror. and the needs for more hell…. more many of us.

The Jupiter-Pluto square that starts on Thanksgiving, with Venus in conjunction with Pluto and square Moon-Jupiter, shows our common economic dread. Many feel powerless in the face of mega money power brokers. Right between (midpoint) Moon-Jupiter and Venus-Pluto, we find Saturn-Mercury in Sagittarius, showing how many of us feel (and will be) blocked from economic security and prosperity.

What starts at Thanksgiving continue throughout 2017. We will need to balance our inner reality with the outer world. We need a more expansive vision so we stop limiting our personal potential.
This is not about getting past the nasty dark places. if that’s all we want, we miss the point of the journey, and we never grow because we never seek greater meaning from the dark we encounter. Or the light.

Starting on Christmas Eve, another major aspect begins that will define 2017 as Saturn trines Uranus. This is a very real and serious wake-up call. Letting our attention focus on whoever is the most outrageous can lead us to a place of less progress, more disharmony, and greater fear. Let’s hope we can come together to find ways to balance progress and tradition and create a new world that works. We can do this if we respect the rights freedom of all people. Connecting is crucial. My prayer for this magical Eve is that together (Uranus) we can walk through the dark shadows (Saturn) to find a greater place of healing (Fire trine).

Full Moon on November 14, 2016 (in NYC):
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