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full moon may 21 2016

This is not an easy Full Moon to write about. It has the potential to be filled with excitement – and danger. The Full Moon rises tonight with Mars and Saturn, all visible in the constellation Scorpius.

It’s not easy to write about because it’s a painful Full Moon. Mars conjunct the Moon can bring physical harm, and in Sagittarius, this can be on a worldwide scale. (Since i started writing, the EgyptAir plane went down.) I didn’t want to add fuel to the negativity around this Full Moon because it seems scary. Yet, there is so much we can learn that it just begged me to share the teachings that kept coming my way.

It is not the way of this culture for individuals to accept teachings, to take responsibility for our actions. Most of us do not have a practice that helps us work through difficult feelings. And they do come up! Why bother when we have handy things like blaming others and hurling insults. Hey, we can troll on Twitter and trash anyone. I just read an article about the joys of cyclists running people down on foot. What fun?

When we take responsibility for our actions, we have to be open, honest, moral, ethical, all traits of Sagittarius.

Why soul search when you can have fun slinging slogans or flipping the finger. Ha! Got cha.

Mars is RETROGRADE at 1 Sag, moving back into Scorpio (May 27). AND THIS IS WHERE IT GETS dicey – at the FULL MOON, Mars and the Moon are conjunct and moving closer quickly, which can mean hurt feelings, egos and pride. You can feel like you’re about to derail from the detail. SLAM & DUNK, aggressive people can be irritating, upsets are possible, emotions can be so hard to digest, they literally make you feel sick to your stomach. Accidents are possible.

And then there’s Mercury (the Gemini Sun’s ruler) – still Retrograde in Taurus until May 23 – 2 days after this Full Moon.

You may see a lot of big talk walked back as Mercury stations Direct and Mars retrogrades from Sagittarius into Scorpio, and the need for funding becomes real, real enough to create a dialog.

Until then, dialog is almost impossible. Everyone is talking and no one is answering – because they’re busy talking their selling points.

And with Mars in Sagittarius, there’s plenty of big talk.

Facts be damned! We believe what we believe and no fact can change that. In fact, facts can only make us more certain the facts are wrong.

Don’t presume to edify me with your “real” information.

Mars, Retrograde in Sagittarius, can fill us with self-righteousness. But once Mars re-enters Scorpio, getting the funding our great visions becomes real.

This is not to point fingers at anyone and pretend we alone are righteous. We ALL fall into this at times. Every one of us.

In ways, we are right.

Facts don’t come from the heart. Despite facts, something BOTHERS us. Something facts won’t shake, or change. And it’s not your fault. I just read about how a new study PROVES GMO’s are good for you. Facts or not, I can’t buy it! Who made the facts? Who funded the research, is there a motive?

In quantum theory, nothing is definite. Even facts are relative and dependent on the believer. The edges can blur as Saturn squares Jupiter and Neptune. Fiction can seem like fact, and it all seems surreal.

Too much scrutiny can be excruciatingly boring. And lead nowhere.

We pay more attention if it’s fun. Exciting. And makes us want more.

Gossip can seem more fun than systems, analysis and procedures. But what does it all MEAN? And where does it take us?

Fueling the fire with anger and hate seems like more fun than fueling with renewables.

But that puts us in an endless loop of self-pity or negative feelings…

The inability to be honest – even with ourselves – clouds everything we see. We can’t see clearly or begin to evaluate our lives when we don’t/won’t take responsibility, when we won’t open enough to listen to anyone and just hurl insults instead. It’s not about blaming and shaming ourselves – or others. It’s about being honest so we can SEE clearly.

Why don’t we take responsibility for ourselves?

One reason is that we are hard on ourselves. We were taught to judge ourselves harshly. So we do the same to others.

And, taking responsibility can get complicated. Many of us want simple answers. It seems we are less interested in exploring ourselves. We’re tired of it and we just want things to be “better.” And of course we want to blame someone or some thing when it’s not. We have to get a grip and move past the pity party. Without giving in to the tough guy blocking out all that may be emotional, painful, vulnerable.

We have traded compassion for anger and revenge. Not because we’re “bad.” But because we shield ourselves. We are not sure how to approach our inner soft spot. We hide it, protect it. Our soft spot is vulnerable in a world that favors toughness. And to navigate as Mars Retrogrades into Scorpio, we will have to dig into that soft spot. Look at it. Become ok with it. Or we will get endlessly tripped up and abused. And fall into self-sabotage.

Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius ask us to look at our path. We may be forced to slow down so we can do this. Not to get tougher on ourselves, but to lighten up. Sagittarius wants us to explore, expand – and lighten up.

The road ahead is never certain, never fully defined. We find it moment by moment, by staying open to life. And that helps us stay aware of our choices. And willing to take the next step.

For now, Mars & Saturn are RETROGRADE in Sagittarius, asking each of us to make adjustments. To how we work, how we use energy, what we believe, what the ‘greater good’ even means.

Once Mars re-enters Scorpio on May 27, we have through August 2 to re-explore Scorpio. To reconnect with our passion, to dig deeper, weed the garden. Or, we can fuel the fire, add more anger and hate and see how much damage the flames can do. Are we having fun yet?

Sagittarius reminds us of the importance of a spiritual guide, mentor, teacher, and/or practice to help us open and stay open to life.

If Mars-Moon in Sag seems to turn it into a competition to be more open, it’s not a competition, it’s about being honest with yourself, whether you’re currently open or closed.

Chart for the Full Moon in Sagittarius (in NYC):
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