May 20

Full Moon, with Mars: !

full moon may 21 2016

This is not an easy Full Moon to write about. It has the potential to be filled with excitement – and danger. The Full Moon rises tonight with Mars and Saturn, all visible in the constellation Scorpius. Continue reading

Jun 02

Be Fully YOU: Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 2, 2015

Happy Full Moon! It’s a PEAK time for bold acts of courage. The Sun in Sagittarius is opposed by the Moon in Gemini (with ruler Mercury Retrograde). Even if you repeat a peak adventure, it can take you somewhere exciting, and perhaps a bit risky. This is a day for BIG success. Be yourself – FULLY!

The Sun is at the Mercury/Mars midpoint, encouraging us to be fearless. We can feel encouraged to express our vision, even in the face of opposition. Resistance can be seen for what it is, and may take the form of indecision and second thoughts. But repetition, along with encouragement, can help us see our resistance so clearly, we can use the information to blast past limiting beliefs and into the future… Lose the fear – get BIG!

Full Moon in Sagittarius (11 Sagittarius 49) @ 12:20 PM EDT :+:

Chart for the Full Moon in Sagittarius (in NYC):

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