POWER Full Moon + mega storm watch

full moon
october 29, 2012

Full Moon
in Taurus
on October 29, 2012
@ 3:50 pm edt

Great POWER is being unleashed at this Full Moon.

This Full Moon has the power to create great&powerful prosperity, lighting the path to personal and mutual abundance. It is a POWERFUL Full Moon. The inner shadow – your root of power – is lit up brightly. What is within? What is hiding in the shadows? The time for hiding – behind excuses, blame, and all forms of negative energy – is ending. The secrets we hide behind are being revealed so we can set ourselves free. Depending on the intention – the power of this Full Moon can be used to do great good or great harm. Either way is possible, both are likely to be EXTREMELY successful.

See for yourself… chart + astro*MAP

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There’s a long-term Grand Trine i’ve been writing about lately. Neptune-Chiron trine Ceres trine Saturn-Sun. As the Sun entered Scorpio (Monday Oct 22), it was conjunct Saturn (Oct 25) and part of the Grand Trine.

At the FULL MOON there are 2 KITES – astrological symbols of ‘supreme success.’ KITES are formed when 2 of the planets in a Grand Trine also sextile a 4th planet, creating what looks like a KITE. At FULL, the Moon in Taurus sextiles Neptune-Chiron and Ceres, forming a brief but significant KITE formation. Pluto is also forming a KITE (sextile Chiron and Saturn). That makes 2 KITES. This is supreme good fortune for THE MOST POWERFUL forces. What are they going to DO with the tremendous power they are receiving?

The reason this chart is so powerful is how easily connections are made. The energy flow is effortless. Power is easy to work with. How are you going to use your talents and resources, hidden and known, to create good fortune. The clue is the desire to share your treasures. What you have to offer is valuable. Priceless. For each of us, this can be a time of spiritual expansion.

The ruler of the Moon-in-Taurus is Venus. Venus (@ 1 Libra 33) is still sextile Mercury (they’ve been sextile – in partnership – throughout October) – but the party’s almost over. Mercury is slowing down, preparing for a Retrograde station on November 6 (yes, that’s important – a post is coming…), so Venus will continue moving ahead while Mercury stops and moves backwards for the next 3 weeks.

For now, Mercury is inching forward. Just before the Moon is exactly FULL, Mercury will enter Sagittarius and square Neptune – fantasies run AMOK. Does it matter what’s really true? How we imagine things can seem stronger than what’s really happening. You can be talked in or out of anything, without reason or logic interfering.

This ingress (Mercury in Sag) puts Mercury and Jupiter in mutual reception – in each other’s signs (Mercury in Jupiter-ruled Sag, Jupiter Rx in Mercury-ruled Gemini) – as Mars opposes Jupiter-in-Gemini. This is a STORM of fierce wind on all energetic levels – from ideas to physical wind. The stench is everywhere. You can pretend, even you’re being misguided while powerful forces use your confusion or mystification as they wish. For example, wishing away a mega hurricane may not be realistic, no matter how many times the pundits say it. Why be realistic when you can be deceptive, or deceived?

There is a good reason to look honestly within – this Full Moon and the coming Eclipses and 12/21/12. We are living in a time of FATE on a COSMIC scale. ALso great potential for awakening to our authentic and true selves – our power. For those of us who are psychically asleep – in denial or deception – you may start to awaken – after the Mercury Retrograde station – when it will be harder to turn back.

THe power of this Full Moon can also unleash deep feelings of POWERLESSNESS. Feeling dis-empowered can make you feel like there is NOTHING you can do to feel better – and that’s a hopeless place to be. To flip it around, and release some of the negative feelings, you can feel it is appropriate to lash out at someone else, to find someone you can blame or judge who “should” act differently. Going along with this will only make you feel less empowered, and more hopeless. If you successfully make that person feel hopeless too, that will increase your negativity and lower your vibrations even more. The good news – Only YOU can shift this for yourself. You can take back your power. Find your acceptance and compassion – for yourself and others. Find tools to help (Moon in Taurus) you move from your lower self to your highest potential. If you are truly empowered, is it really someone else’s responsibility to take care of your needs – often needs that are so subconscious and deep, you don’t fully understand them either. Projecting blame on others is one way to start seeing what you’re feeling – though it is not the path to a higher vibration – or feeling good about yourself and your life. For that you will have to start by looking within. (interesting, over the 16 years of writing astrology on this website, there is very little interest in the New Moon charts, the place you can set intentions for the Full Moon. This is more than wishful thinking if you make it so.)

As Mercury squares Neptune and stations Retrograde ON Election Day, it is more than likely that there is something VERY devious about this election, and that the people will be easy prey if they are told enough lies often enough. Is this victimization – or something people want to believe? In their souls? Or is it fear? This connects with our innermost beliefs. If you are filled with fear, you can be swayed to justify any action taken against “those people” who “caused” it. Again, we see how blame is projected. Does the truth matter? Do we want an empowered life? Or is it safer to live in our fears and prejudices? No matter what.

Mercury in Sagittarius will almost trine Uranus, but station Retrograde one degree before the trine is exact. Before we can move forward at high speed, we are going to take a slippery step back and, like a sling shot, blast forward. Full flight. In mid December.

The challenge of this Full Moon is to stay positive – maintain a state of deliberate positivity. Either this powerful energy can be used against us to the point it will be increasingly difficult to turn it around. Or, we can use this powerful energy to shift us forward. The more conscious you are, the more fearless you can be, and the less controlled by your fears and those who control through fear. Fear has a benefit- it keeps your vibration low enough to make you feel hopeless. Are you ready to let that go? This is 2012 – the time of SHIFT – as we move past fear and into our power – into our ability to make an impact. We can replace paranoia with truth. This is your opportunity to find true, divine support.

Interested in the astro map for the Full Moon? Mars and Jupiter exactly square the ASC/DES at NYC – Mars is exactly square the ASC/DES in western Connecticut, the Jupiter square is exact in southern New Jersey. The storm could make landfall in Delaware. The areas of greatest impact are from Delaware through southern New Jersey. NYC, LI, and most of Connecticut are on the eastern side of the storm. Full storm area is from Ohio to Nova Scotia.

Future View of WINTER
Behind the entire storm is the Uranus-Pluto square – cold clashes with hot. As Mercury enters Sagittarius, almost trines Uranus, and retreats back into Scorpio. Uranus is prominent in the Winter Solstice chart for the northeast. So why is winter weather arriving so early? Exactly at the same moment the Sun is at the Fall/Winter midpoint (Nov 6) – Mercury makes its Retrograde station. These 2 events in the same moment are a clue – Mercury’s movements are important. The very first hints of winter started when Mercury entered the “Retrograde shadow” – the degree Mercury retrogrades back to before stationing Direct (18 Scorpio 10). Mercury was @ 18 Scorpio 10 – and entered the Retrograde shadow on October 18. Here comes winter!

Next post: Mercury Retrograde on Election Day

Full Moon chart for NYC:

full moon
october 29, 2012

Astro*Cartography Map for US Northeast @ the Full Moon:

map of US Northeast
Full Moon – October 29, 2012

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