Asteroids in Formation: Fall 2012 and beyond

The goddess Asteroids are making a strong statement this Fall.

Vesta, Juno, and Ceres are all STRONGLY interacting in the current astrology chart. And some of the aspects are long-term, carrying messages of wisdom and support for our social evolution.




Vesta (stationing Retrograde Oct 21) is at the focal point of a T-Square: Pallas-opposes-Venus, Vesta-squares-Venus, Pallas-squares-Vesta. Women are at a crossroads – they can fight for their reproductive/health rights, or ‘take one for the team,’ with the implication that they are being selfish by wanting to enjoy anything but working. Venus-square-Vesta shows that women are being challenged to decide between enjoyment and commitment. Some will choose commitment since their jobs seem to be on the line. But not all women will be mute on this subject – Mercury (in Scorpio) is trine Pallas, so women have powerful things to say about their reproductive decision-making rights. For ultimate prosperity both enjoyment and commitment are needed for a healthy, balanced life. Will women take a stand for their rights? Or do their rights return to the realm of make-believe?

In late October (early Scorpio), Juno, goddess of relationships, conjuncts Mars and opposes Jupiter, the mythic husband of Juno (Hera). Fixed Star Antares is also conjunct Mars-Juno. Aggressive behavior will strongly impact committed relationships between men and women. More women may question the need for a committed relationship. Sun approaching Saturn shows men taking responsibility. Are women simply too involved in ‘women’s issues’ to focus on complicated economic and political issues? Is it ok if women are considered incapable of making serious decisions? Is it realism? Or sexism with a new twist as Juno trines Uranus.

Ceres, the mother goddess, now upgraded to dwarf planet status, is part of a slow-moving outer planet WATER Grand Trine. We need NOURISHMENT. And Ceres wants us to have it.

Ceres-trines-Saturn&Sun-trines-Neptune&Chiron. Saturn-trine-Ceres-trine-Neptune is the heart of this GRAND TRINE. As the Sun enters Scorpio, it conjuncts Saturn and joins the Grand Trine. We are united in our desire to protect the children. Beyond nurturing our families, many will wan to extend our care to all children, including caring for the Earth itself.

The long-term trine of Saturn-Neptune shows we want leaders who believe the care of the Earth is a responsibility to be taken seriously. A few degrees out of orb, Pluto is forming a KITE as it sextiles Neptune-Chiron and Saturn-Sun. Even big business can flourish by being stewards of the Earth and its inhabitants.

For a sense of timing – Ceres makes a Retrograde station on October 31, so Ceres will remain at 3 Cancer and continue to trine Neptune – peaking in early December (and again in April). Saturn will also station Retrograde (in February), so the Ceres-Neptune-Saturn Grand Trine continues through Spring, while Saturn and Neptune remain trine through the summer.

We are learning that our goals need to start with a dream. To manifest, you need to be an authentic match to your goals. If your goals vibrate with you – that is your life purpose. There is no resistance – your work is effortless, and believable. This is more than how well you can sell it – people can see through words, the more well-chosen, the more they see the pretense. Spirit is in the work.

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