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Advanced Forecast
This report describes future trends, especially psychological and environmental changes that you are likely to encounter-- even includes the 4 asteroids and Chiron. More...
length of forecast

Saturn trines Neptune
The important question is: do you believe in what you're doing? Does it inspire you?If your career is aligned with your belief system, and you've been working responsibly and consistently to realize your dreams and ideals, you could start to see some positive financial returns for your consistent labor. If you doubt yourself, your abilities, your career choices, or your underlying support system, you may have the opportunity to strengthen your faith, find deeper meaning, and build your resolve. And even if your hard work seems to be evaporating into thin air, if you stick to it, this could be the healing crisis before the recovery - and the very beginning of a dream becoming real.

Astrological Saturn
Saturn rules responsibilities, restrictions and limitations you are apt to encounter, and the lessons you must learn in life. It does not deny or diminish imagination, inspiration, spirituality, and good fortune but it does demand that these things be given structure and meaning. Saturn is the astrological ruler of Capricorn and the ancient ruler of Aquarius.

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