Mercury Retrograde on Election Day ~ Back? Forth?

mercury retrograde
washington, dc
nov 6, 2012

Mercury makes a Regrograde station ON Election Day 2012. The station is exact at 6:04 pm EST.

Mercury will be motionless on Election Day. In the exact minute of Mercury’s Retrograde station, it is the exact halfway point between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice. The astrological Halloween. Here come the ghosts and goblins. Trick! or Treat?


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Mercury stations ON Election Day – we are literally deciding which direction we are going. Forwards? Backwards?

At Mercury’s Retrograde station, in Washington, DC, Gemini is rising. That makes Mercury the chart ruler of the Mercury Retrograde station. Mercury has presence in this chart! As it has in the Presidential debate charts.

Mercury and Jupiter are in “Mutual Reception” – in each other’s signs – Mercury is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and Jupiter in Mercury-ruled Gemini. There is a tendency to overdo it.

The mutual reception exaggerates all themes connected with Mercury and Jupiter, adding a few twists and changes since Mercury is stationing Retrograde and Jupiter is Retrograde.

Mercury-Jupiter in mutual reception can mean decisions are extended. Extensive litigation is likely to be part of the electoral process as both sides are dissatisfied with the validity of the returns. As voters, we can also experience extraordinarily long wait times….

Mercury – just a few degrees from the 7th house cusp – is opposing the Ascendant. Jupiter is just a few degrees from the Ascendant. They are both opposite and enmeshed. And we get to see our choice more clearly – do we chose community or self-reliance? And in our technologically evolving society, is there any one person or entity that can support, sustain, and grow the kind of networks and infrastructure we need to maintain and sustain this lifestyle?

Mercury rules air – wind. And so we see a mega hurricane develop as Mercury entered Sagittarius (October 28) and squared Neptune. [Mercury Rx squares Neptune again on November 13 and Mercury Direct squares Neptune on December 11]. Experiencing the SuperStorm and it’s aftermath, it wasn’t the storm as much as the surge of the OCEAN and sewage that caused the most suffering and greatest damage. Community helps the rebuilding process. It also gets us through the dark nights.

Mercury is also one degree from an exact trine to Uranus. Change is SO CLOSE, but then there is a pull backwards. Mercury will not actually trine Uranus exactly until December 14, 2012. Does this mean that collectively, we are not ready to move into the future? Or, are we not going to change leadership for now – or at least until mid December. Will the election take that long to sort out?

Mercury Retrograde centers on a repeating square to Neptune in Pisces. It is more than likely that there is something VERY devious about this election, and that the people will be easy prey if they are told enough lies often enough. Is this victimization – or something people want to believe? In their souls? Or is it fear? This connects with our innermost beliefs. If you are filled with fear, you can be swayed to justify any action taken against “those people” who “caused” it. Does the truth matter? What about the power – and harmony – of Mother Nature? And our disconnect from Nature? What if – each of us really DOES count? And the fact that we DO count is likely to be recounted in great detail over the next few weeks.

ONE HOUR after Mercury’s Rx station – IN THE SAME MINUTE -there’s a Last Quarter Moon AND Equinox/Solstice Midpoint – the astrological Halloween. [Moon @ 15 Leo 00 – Sun @ 15 Scorpio 00]

15 Scorpio is an interesting degree – it means we are EXACTLY 1/2 way between Fall Equinox and WInter Solstice. This is the true Halloween. Will we get a treat? Or a trick? It depends on how you make decisions – if they are based on negative (fear) or positive (love) energy. You can blame whoever you chose, yet vibrations are due to emotions. You can decide to raise your emotions and thereby raise your consciousness level whenever you desire. It’s never too late, your soul is eternal.

The choice comes down to this: what makes YOU feel good?

Chart for Mercury Retrograde in Washington, DC

mercury stations retrograde
nov 6 2012
washington, DC

Mercury stations Retrograde @ 6:04 pm EST
Equinox/Solstice midpoint @ 7:26 pm EST
Last Quarter Moon in Leo @ 7:36 pm EST

I updated this post – then everything i did was mysteriously undone. My personal story about SuperStorm Sandy is gone. Like so much else. Just washed away. It’s Mercury Retrograde, all over again. I’ve recreated as much as possible, and maybe something better will happen.

Here’s a video for all the girls, approved by Leslie Gore

2 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde on Election Day ~ Back? Forth?

  1. It seems so obvious now that it is over, mutual receptions and retrogrades – NO change. Moon was in Leo, Obama’s sun sign, a strong bond, and the square is against Romney’s Pisces sun. Two more years of gridlock, the 2014 election will bring change and economic progress. It is close to Saturn moving out of Scorpio, this usually signifying death as it is in the US 8th house, this being the fading out of the white population and their influence in the US.

    • So the 1st debate chart reading was correct – the impact of the debate was temporary, Obama still won. The Leo Moon was conjunct Obama’s Sun – and Romney’s Saturn. Romney honored the entire electoral process with his gracious defeat speech.
      I use the USA Gemini rising chart (was out of vogue, making a comeback), which still activates Pluto and the 8th house opposing Venus in the 2nd. I see the Saturn-Pluto mutual reception as the need for infrastructure and an indicator that investing in infrastructure can be extremely profitable. For the wealth of gov, corps, and people in general. The Pluto-8th house influence shows transition. Let’s put our energy into the transition of power being peaceful.

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